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A Very Sexy Yogmas-A Yogscast Femslash Fanfiction By Omegatwilight

Pairing-Hannah Rutherford & Kim Richards

Disclaimer-No I Dont Own Hannah,Kim Or Any Other Trademarks That May Appear In This Fanfiction (The Only Thing I Do Own Is The Plot),None Of The Following Events Have Ever Happened Or Ever Will Happen And I Dont Profit From This Fanfiction Either

Plot-It's Christmas Eve,But Hannah And Kim Of The Yogscast Drew The Short Straw This Year And Have To Do The Christmas Eve Stream At Yogtowers-However,When They Finish And Get Ready To Go,They Find Themselves Snowed In Beacuse Of A Raging Snowstorm-How Will They Survive Being Stuck In Yogtowers Until It Stops ?

"aaaaaaaaaaand we are done !"

a worn out kim said happily,smiling at her friend hannah who was sitting beside her as the two of them finished the longest 7 hour live stream of their entire lives,it was christmas eve and unfortunatly for the two of them,they had drawn the short straw this year when it came to determining who would be doing the live stream scheduled for christmas eve,but,thankfully,they didnt mind doing it together beacuse they were great friends,still,it seemed like a lifetime had gone by.

"are we off air now kim ? like,totally,completely off air now ?"

"yes,i just said we are doofus"

"hey,just asking heh,but god damn those were the longest 7 hours of my life,i swear i cant wait to get home tonight and spend christmas with lewis and my family,we've got so much planned for christmas day"

"awwwww,at least you have someone to spend christmas with this year,i'm stuck at home alone again beacuse my parents didnt wanna bother coming to see me,again,some parents they are"

for kim,christmas these past few years had been lonely,even though she spent most of it watching tv and talking to all of her friends either online via skype,facebook or just calling or texting them,it still sucked that she was pretty much on her own for the past 3 years at christmas.

"hey,i did invite you over to my place this year you know kim,you can still come over,you'd be very welcome as well,you know my parents absolutely adore you,sometimes more then they do me,which is annoying lol"

"haha ! ahhhh,thanks hannah,you know i appreciate you trying to help me out but i just really wouldnt feel like i fit in there,plus seeing you and your family and you and lewis happy will just remind me that i dont have anyone myself"

"you'll find someone soon,kim,you know you will,come here bestie"

hannah wrapped her arms around kim and pulled her into a nice,warm hug,which is something that kim enjoyed,she and hannah had gotten to become very,very close friends since kim joined the yogscast and she knew that hannah would allways be there for her when she needed her the most,and right now,this hug felt like the safest,most happiest place for her to be right now.

"thanks hannah,i wish this hug would never end,but it's 11 pm allready and we should be getting going if we want to make it back to our respective homes for christmas,plus i dont wanna wake up to late"

"heh,true,but would you at least consider coming over for christmas dinner,or if not that,coming over on boxing day ? please ? i dont want you to be alone this year,kim,your my best friend"

"i tell you what,if you promise me that you'll give me another of these hugs on christmas day,i'll spend christmas with you,lewis and your family,how bout that ?"

"you got yourself a deal !"

both hannah and kim smiled,hannah was happy that her best friend was going to be spending christmas with her,lewis and her family,whilest kim was happy that not only would she not be lonely this christmas,but that she was able to make her best friend happy as well,and as she got up and put her handbag over her shoulder,she smiled again at hannah and said.

"well,have you got everything here with you then ? i really dont wanna have to go searching through this place you know this late at night"

"i'm pretty sure i do,just let me check my bag and then we'll go downstairs together to my car"

"ok,dont take to long doofus"

"you know,if you keep calling me that i'm gonna throw snowballs at you when we get out there"

"bring it doofus !"

both of them laughed as hannah,smiling,checked her handbag,she had everything she needed in there including her car keys,the spare key to yogtowers and of course,her mobile phone,which,when she checked,seemingly had no singal at all,which was slightly discomforting.

"well,i've got everything,but my phone dont have a signal so if we get stranded on the road we're royally fucked"

"a brisk christmas eve walk wont be so bad,least we'll be together eh ?"

"heh,true,come on then,let's go bestie"

"ready as i'll ever be doofus"

hannah stuck her tounge out at kim,who did the same as they linked arms and,still smiling,walked out of their office from which they were streaming from,and began walking down the long,narrow hallway,both of them noticing how truly empty it felt without the others here,but soon both hannah and kim would be at hannah's place and celebrating christmas,as well as,when they got there,being able to get some much earned sleep.

"are we taking the lift down or the stairs ?"

"are you really that lazy kim that you want to use the lift ?"

"it's not called being lazy,it's called preserving my energy,doofus"

"fine,fine,you win hehe"

"i allways do !"

hannah giggled again and kim's smile towards her bestie hannah grew as the two of them neared the elevator at the end of the hallway,they were on the 4th floor of the tower and so,when they got in the elevator together,they pressed the ground floor button,smiled as the doors closed and then waited as the elevator slowly took them down.

"we really need a quicker elevator hannah,dont you ever talk to lewis about it ?"

"he says that it isnt really such a problem,to be honest i dont see it as one either,it's really just you and duncan that do"

"yeah,well,your a doofus,me and duncan are the smarter ones here lol"

as the two best friends stuck their tounges out at each other,the elevator door opened,and,as they walked out of it and looked down the hallway,their smiles suddenly dissapeared as they saw the entrance to yogtowers was completely blocked with snow,they both dropped their handbags and ran over to the door,neither one of them wanting to believe that they might be trapped inside of yogtowers for christmas.

"of all the bloody things to happen to us,are we really gonna be stuck here beacuse of snow ?"

"i cant believe it either hannah,it's gotta be some trick by the others,they did take their time leaving earlier today"

as the two of them got to the door,they opened it and suddenly an entire rush of snow came in,making them both dodge to the side to avoid it,they couldnt believe their eyes,and,as they looked outside,there was a huge snowstorm happening,and it was then that they both realised that they were stuck inside of yogtowers,there was no way they could get out,at least,not tonight,anyway,they both sighed,before hannah,taking the initiative,said.

"well,hey,looking on the bright side,i guess at least you wont be spending christmas alone,eh kim ?"

"your right,if i was gonna be snowed in here with anyone i'm glad it's you,your my best friend,you have been since day one,i guess we may as well go back upstairs,if we go to the office i have some alcohol in my cupboard which i hid from the guys and a blanket and mattress which i kept from the sleepover we once had here,we'd both have to sleep on it together but hey,least we'll be warm,right ?"

"true,i dont mind sharing a bed with my best friend,i know i can trust you,plus,if any frightening snowmen happen to come along,i can use you as a human shield so i can run away"

"HEY ! ya big meanie doofus"

both of them laughed again,then linked arms again and walked over to the elevator once more,picked up their respective bags and pressed the button for the 4th floor,waited a bit then got it,and,when the doors closed,they sighed again,before kim said.

"you know,we wont be able to watch the doctor who christmas special now"

"oh fudge sticks,i was looking foward to that,wait,dont we have a tv in the lounge area ? cant we watch it on that ?"

"i guess,i mean i know it's one of those big ones that have a digi box allready in it but the guys just usually use it to play games on"

"well if we're still stuck here tomorow we can snuggle up together using your blanket on the sofa in there and watch the tv"

"sounds like i'll be having a good christmas after all"

the two best friends hugged,and as they did,kim thought to herself about how much she truly loved hannah,and not just as her best friend,but since the moment she met hannah she had allways had such a crush on her,and she knew hannah didnt know,beacuse she was smart enough not to show it around her,but she really loved hannah,and getting to spend this amount of time with her was really good for her,maybe she might even be able to get hannah drunk enough to convince her to finally do what kim's had dreams about doing with hannah for a long,long time,but as the doors to the elevator opened,she snapped back to reality hearing it ping,and,hannah saying.

"well the slow elevator you dont like finally got us to the 4th floor again after that arduous,long,1 minute wait,must've been hell for you,eh lol"

"shove it bestie,ya big doofus"

smiling at each other,the two friends walked out of the elevator and back to their office,where,once they closed and locked the door,kim opened the curtains and saw the raging snowstorm outside,hannah looking at it as well,both of them shaking their heads at it as hannah walked over and turned the light back on in the room.

"you said you had alcohol,right kim ?"

"of course i do,bestie,why,you want it now ?"

"yeah,we may as well get drunk,if you get it out and the mattress and blanket i'll go on facebook and let everyone know we're stuck here until the snowstorm ends"

"so basically you want me to do all the work whilest you relax ? beacuse that's totally fair,doofus"

"ok,how about if ask really,really nicely and in that way you find real cute ? pwease,pwease will you do it,bestie ? pwease ?"

hannah did her big puppy dog eyes and pouting routine,which she knew kim would easily give in to,and,sure enough,kim smiled and hugged hannah again,then said.

"ok,ok,you win this time,you know i cant say no to you when you go all cutie on me,but you cant use that again this year,got it ?"

"ok,i pwomise"

"dangit,stop being so cute !"

they both giggled as hannah went over to sit on her swinging chair and turned on her pc,which didnt take to long to boot up,thankfully,and,as she did that,kim went over to her cupboard and got out the hidden bottles of wine she had,of which there was 4 red wine bottles,and she then went over to her closet and got out the mattress and blanket,put them on the foor under hannah's owl clock,then brought two bottles of wine over with her to the table where hannah was sitting at,she watched quietly for a moment as hannah was now online and on facebook,posting that the two of them were stuck inside yogtowers beacuse of the snowstorm and couldnt get out,so they'd stay there until they were able to get out.

"hey,i see you got online,im surprised the internet is working in that bloody snowstorm out there,but im glad it is either way,i guess that means the tv will be working tomorow as well"

"most likely,yeah,hey,is that the wine ?"

"yup,but i've got a fun idea,if you want to hear it"

"does it involve the wine ? cause im really thirsty"

"yes,now shut up doofus so i can explain it before i go insane"

they both laughed as kim sat down on her chair and put the bottles of wine on the table near the pc screen,it was an idea she had dreamt about in one of her many raunchy dreams she'd had about her and hannah,and she figured tonight was as best a night as any to see if she could get it to work.

"so,here's my idea-are you much of a betting girl ?"

"yeah,i've won bets with zoey,duncan and lewis plenty of times,why ?"

"well,i bet you that i can down my bottle of redwine before you can"

"straight down ?"

"yup,straight down in one go"

"well,ok,but what do i get if i win ? which,you know i will"

kim smirked and stuck her tounge out again at hannah,who did the same,kim had a real good idea of how to make hannah agree to what she wanted when she beat hannah,beacuse she knew hannah would get a good kick out of what she'd say hannah would get if she won.

"well,you know how you like bossing me around like a jackass every now and then ?"

"i'm not a jackass,i'm a kind hearted person who likes telling you what to do every now and then,but,yeah,i do,why ?"

"well,i figured that if you win,you can have me as your personal assistant for the year,just imagine me in a little costume which you can choose,with me calling you miss hannah whenever you ask me to do something for you,i bet you'd love that,wouldnt you"

"oh my god that sounds frigging hilarious,ha ! god,ok,well,what do you get then if you win ?"

"wellllll,there was this one thing,you see,if i win,i want you to be mine,i want you to give yourself to me,so i can take your clothes off,make out with you and have sex with you whenever i feel like it,however i feel like it,beacuse,quite frankly,i've had the hots for you since day one,ever since we met,and i want you so badly,hannah,so damn badly"

hannah was shocked and stunned at kim's revelation and her confesstion to having had the hots for her since the day they met,hannah had honestly never knew kim,her best friend,had fallen in love with her,but she realised that it should've been obvious,considering kim mainly stuck around hannah all the time.

"soooooo,let me get this straight,if i win,your my personal assistant for the year,but if i lose to you,you get to have me as your girlfriend,or sex toy,or fuck puppet,or whatever you'll call me,i'd have to dump lewis and be yours,forever ?"

"mhm,just think about it,you laying there on the bed,us romantically entagled,our bodies writhing together,my tounge caressing yours,my hands playing with your huge tits,our pussies grinding together again and again and again until i bring you to climax,and then,i wont stop,oh no,all that sexual frustration that i have,i'm gonna keep on fucking you,hannah,until you want nothing more then to have non stop sex with me"

hannah thought it over,the thought of her best friend caressing her nude body and the thought of the two of them embaracing romantically and erotically did slightly turn her on,as much as it shouldnt,she couldnt shake the subtle arousal the thoughts of kim making out with her brought on,plus,as much as she loved lewis,the thought of being kim's fuck toy really did turn hannah on,and so,after seemingly spacing out for a while,she came to after hearing kim saying.

"earth to doofus,earth to doofus,you ok ?"

"oh,yeah,sorry,i just spaced out i think for a moment there whilest i was thinking it over"

"well,yes or no ?"

"sure,why the hell not lol,it is christmas,if you win i guess im your christmas present then,yours forever,but you'll have to help me let lewis down if you win"

"thats fine,we'll do it after christmas though,in the new year,at least then he'll be able to take it calmly and not get too upset"

"ok,let's drink then !"

kim smirked and opened her bottle,as did hannah,then both clinked their bottles together and then started downing them,kim knew she could easily beat hannah beacuse she knew that hannah wasnt that much of a drinker,unlike herself,kim was more used to this particular type of red wine,which showed when hannah struggled to down it all,and,sure enough,within a minute,kim had beaten hannah,downing every last drop of her wine before hannah was even half way down,and,when she realised she was beaten,hannah stopped drinking,put her bottle down and caught her breath,before saying.

"well then,i guess this means i belong to you now,kim"

"yes it does,yes it does indeed,now,considering your mine and all,how about you stand up and get naked for me ?"

obdiently,hannah got up,then seductively took off the reindeer top she was wearing to reveal her lime green bra encased breasts,hannah's breasts were very big,and kim couldnt wait to play with and suck on them,and as she watched hannah unhook and then let her bra fall to the ground,revealing her huge tits,kim licked her lips and said.

"very good,hannah,very good,if i didnt know any better i'd say you've done this before"

"maybe,once,alone,i may've practiced whilest looking into my big mirror"

kim smirked as hannah turned around and seductively bent over as she removed her jeans,revealing her pink thong,kim licked her lips even more as hannah got back up,turned around and slowly pulled her thong down,then let it fall off her finger to the floor,kim gazed at hannah's perfect nude body in all of it's glory,she had dreamt about this for so long,and now,she finally had hannah,and hannah,and her nude body,belonged to her,forever.

"mmmmmmm,me like,me like a lot,now,stand there whilest i get undressed,then,we're gonna lay down and im going to finally,finally have my way with the most beautiful woman in this world"

hannah blushed crimson,making kim smile as she stood up,then,piece by piece,removed her own clothing,not taking too long to get nude herself,and when she was,she went and stood behind hannah,smiling at her,she said to her.

"ready to have your first of many lesbian experiences with me ? beacuse i promise you,it's gonna make you want it more,and more,until you get hungry for it,obsessed with it,and then,you'll be having it all the time"

"i...i-i'm ready,but,please,be gentle"

"i might,or,i might just not,you know,beacuse you belong to me now,after all,now,be a good,obdient hannah and lay down on the matress"

kim smirked as hannah,obdiently,did as she was told and laid down on the mattress,kim then straddled her,moaning as their pussies touched for the first time,which made even hannah moan as well,the feeling was new for them both and pleasurable as well,it was something kim had wanted,whereas hannah would,overtime,grow to really enjoy it,she figured.

"mmmmm,that felt good,i've waited for a long,long time to fuck you hannah,and now that i finally have you,all to myself,now your finally mine,i'm not gonna waste anymore time,get ready to have the best time of your life,hannah,your gonna love it"

kim winked at her new toy,hannah,then proceeded to begin to hungrily make out with her,sucking on her tounge as she did,whilest playing with hannah's huge tits,massaging her nipples with her thumbs and grinding their pussies together,the pleasure of it all making both women horny,hannah finding herself begining to lose herself in the pleasure she was getting from kim,she never knew that being with a woman like this could be this pleasurable and exciting,but it was,and,as she moaned over and over,kim knew that hannah was allready begining to enjoy being a lesbian and being kim's new toy,kim,meanwhile,had something else on her mind.

"mmmmmm,ahhhhh,fuck,hannah,tell me something,would you rather be doing this with me right now,mmmmm,or be at your place doing boring christmas stuff ?"

"her-ahhhhh,he-ahhhhh,mmmmmmmm,here with you,kim,mmmmmmm,this feels really,really good,i've,ahhhh,i've never felt this rush of pleasure before,mmmmm"

"you like ?"

"i like"

kim was turned on even more by both of hannah's answers,of course hannah would want to be with her,she was turning hannah into a sex hungry toy,and,as she momentarily gazed out into the raging snowstorm outside,she looked back into hannah's eyes as she continued sucking on her tounge,getting her wetter and wetter grinding their pussies together and making hannah's nipples harden by rubbing her thumbs over them,and she saw a different look in hannah's eyes,gone was the normal,regular,kind hannah,and there was a new one,one controlled by kim,one who was begining to hunger for sexual pleasure,and kim was eager to give it to her,more and more,as both her and hannah continued to moan and groan,louder and louder,nobody else was there to hear their moans of sweet,blissful erotic happiness as the girls' erotic embrace continued,getting faster as kim picked up the pace.

"mmmmmm,ahhhh,your,mmmmm,getting to be what i allways dreamt of you becoming hannah,my sex obsessed toy,im glad i own you,i'm really glad we got snowed in tonight as well,it's almost like santa was giving me the perfect christmas present by setting this all up for me,thanks santa"

"ahhhhhh,god,fucking hell,mmmmm,y-y-you really think so ? do you think,mmmm,we were,like,ahhhh,god,meant to be together ?"

"i think so,hannah,no,i dont think,i know,mmmmmmmm,god,your getting so wet,and so am i,ahhhhh,we definatly are destined to be together,hannah,and now we are,im going to do something else,mmmmm,i've waited for a long time to,mmmm,do,suck those huge breasts of yours,kim wants to taste those juicy melons !"

kim ravenously began sucking on hannah's huge breasts,going back and forth,causing them both immense pleasure,the taste of hannah's huge tits was divine to kim,and,combined with the pleasure of their pussies still grinding together and getting them both closer and closer to climaxing,both hannah and kim were truly experiencing a blissful,sexual peak right now,as both were moaning nonstop,hannah due to all the sexual pleasure she was getting,which had,by this point,consumed her,turning her into a sex hungry toy which kim wanted,and kim inbetween going back and forth on each of hannah's huge breasts.

"k-k-kim,ahhhhhh,i,ahhhhhh,fuckkkkk,i think,mmmmmmmm,i'm going,to,fucking,cum,ahhhhhhhh oh god fuck i'm so close,mmmmmm"

"good,mmmmmmm,i want,you to,mmmmmmmm,fuckkkkkk,such tasty tits,mmmmmmm,let's,ahhhh,cum together doofus"

with neither woman able to hold in their sexual pleasure anymore,and both of them finally ready to crash over the proverbial edge,they did just that and they both climaxed together at the same time,screaming each other's names out in pure,sexual bliss.



both women collapsed,kim with her face inbetween hannah's breasts for a short moment,before hannah wrapped her legs around kim's waist,kim wrapping her arms around hannah,looking lovingly into her eyes,hannah returning the look as kim said,quietly.

"well,the weather outside is frightful,but the view inside is delightful,we've got no place to go,so we fucked,we fell in love,and now we glow"

"heh,i love you kim,i'm glad im yours now,i never knew the pleasures being with a woman would bring until tonight,happy christmas"

"happy christmas,hannah,make sure your well slept tomorow,cause when you wake up,well,we've got tv to watch and sex to have,hehe"

"i'll be ready,dont you worry,doofus"

both hannah and kim giggled,before blissfully kissing one more time,the two falling asleep in each other's embrace,kim resting her head on hannah's tits,hannah snuggling kim,the two star crossed lovers happy to be with one another,for hannah,this was the start of a new journey in her life,one which would be the most blissful,for her new lover was also her best friend.

for kim,it was a new time in her life she had wanted to happen for so long,and now that it was finally happening,she was going to use it to her full advantage,and that was something she did pretty much all the time.

in the weeks and months that followed,hannah and kim eventually talked quietly to lewis about the situation,lewis taking it surprisingly well,wishing them both happiness together,lewis himself moving on and eventually dating anya,otherwise known as minty,and for the yogscast itself,not much changed,hannah and kim did their videos exclusively together now,combining their channels to make yogscast nanomadia,but still did videos with other members of the crew from time to time,including the race for the wool videos.

a very merry christmas to all,and to all-an exceedingly good night !
A Very Sexy Yogmas-Hannah x Kim
Hey Everyone !

I've Not Uploaded Anything In A While,And As It's Close To Christmas I Thought I'd Write A New Fanfiction,This One Being The First Youtube Based One I've Done In A While,It's About Hannah And Kim From The Yogscast Being Trapped In Yogtowers Together On Christmas Eve-What'll Happen ? Read,Find Out And Enjoy !
The Leaked Test Footage From A While Ago
The Variety Article Confirming It

You Know It's Going To be A Good Day When You Wake Up & See That THERE'S FINALLY GOING TO BE A DEADPOOL MOVIE !

I Cant Wait For This Movie To Happen,Sure,It's Being Released In 2016,BUT,AT LEAST THEY'RE FINALLY FRICKING MAKING IT !

Methinks Them Giving It The Go Ahead Had A Lot To Do With That Leaked Test Footage That Mysteriously Appeared Online,Either Way,I'm Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy ! :)
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