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Smart Strong And Dominant by omegatwilight
Smart Strong And Dominant
Hey Everyone ! So Lately I've Rather Been Enjoying The Pairing Of Evil Emma And Dana Brooke On NXT,So I Decided To Make This Forum Style Sig For The Two Of Them,As Allways,Tech Stuff/Links Are Below,The Main BG Behind The Stars Is Just A Block Of Colour Made In Paint,Also Thanks To DA User :icondfreedom30: For The Evil Emma Render,Link Is With The Other Links Below.

Tech Stuff/Links
Text Made Here >…
Emma PSD Here >…
Dana Brooke PSD Here >…
Blue Stars PSD Here >…
Put Together Here >
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
A Widow Caught In A Web-A WWE Fanfiction By Omegatwilight

Rating-Mature (Contains Breast Expansion,Lactation,Mind Control/Hypnosis)
Pairing-AJ Lee & Seraphim Omega (OC)

Disclaimer-No I Dont Own AJ Or Any Other Trademarks That May Appear In This Fanfiction (The Only Things I Do Own Are My Oc & The Plot),None Of The Following Events Have Ever Happened Or Ever Will Happen And I Dont Profit From This Fanfiction Either

Plot-The Night After Her Match At Payback 2013 Where She Won The Divas Title,AJ Is Driving Her Car To Raw When It Breaks Down In A Big,Confusing Forest,Where She Cant Seemingly Get A Phone Signal,However,There Is A House In The Forest She Could Go And Ask For Help At,But Is It Worth It ?

"hopefully,i'll beat traffic if i leave this early"

it was 6 am monday morning,and,after having gotten barely any sleep after winning the divas title from her former best friend,kaitlyn,the night prior at the payback 2013 pay per view,aj lee was packing her bag and getting ready to leave the hotel she was staying in,she had a long drive ahead of her to get to raw,and she figured that if she left early,she could beat some traffic,get there early and snag a few hours of sleep in an empty room there.

"cant forget my baby,i'd be a bad,bad mother if i left you behind"

of course,aj's 'baby' which she was refering to,as she put it in her bag,was the divas championship belt,which some people have called the butterfly belt,aj,however,in her delusional frame of mind,thinks of it as her baby.

"hmmm,is this everything ? clothes,check,my baby,check,my gameboy and gameboy games,check,my phone and car keys,check,hmmm,i think that's everything,yup,time to get dressed then and go"

aj was wearing pajamas,having got at least an hour's sleep thanks to them,she took them off and proceeded to put on her favourite lingerie followed by a white shirt,booty hugging shorts and her favourite chuck taylors with rainbow socks,aj looked at herself in the mirror,smiled,and was pepped up and ready to get going,knowing she was going to have fun later that day at raw,especially taunting kaitlyn now that she'd proven she was the superior of the two and the best diva in the wwe.

"time to get going,gotta try and not get caught in traffic,i hate traffic,almost as much as i hate the bellas,kaitlyn,and the rest of the divas,for that matter"

tilting her head to the side and smirking,aj walked over to the bed,grabbed her bag which she put over her shoulder and proceeded to leave her hotel room using the keycard for it to open to the door,once outside the door would shut automatically,something aj liked,she skipped down the hallways quietly,checking her watch as she put down her bag after finding,and getting into the nearest elevator,she was on floor 15 of 20,and was not about to skip down a buttload of stairs that early in the morning.

"hmmm,6 15 am,not bad,not good,though,could have done stuff quicker,still,im sure im faster then kaitlyn in the morning"

as aj stared at the ceiling of the elevator and waited for it to take her to the ground floor and reception,her mind wondered through many things,the least of which would be the 4 hour car journey it'd take to get to the arena where raw was going to be that night,normally she was fine with a long car journey,but after not having much sleep,she was sure that it was going to feel a lot longer then 4 hours.

"well,at least i've got myself for company,what better company could a girl ask for,eh ?"

aj said,talking to herself as the elevator finally came to a stop and,as the doors opened,aj grabbed her bag again,walked out and walked over to the reception desk,nobody was there,nobody would be there until 7 am at the earliest she remembered,so she put her hotel room keycard behind the desk and walked off towards the door which lead into the car park,hopefully,it wouldnt take her too long to find her car,however,it was a 3 floor car park,and she couldnt remember for the life of her which floor hers was on.

"hmmm,oh,i know !"

aj grabbed her car keys out of her bag,pressed the button on it,and,thankfully,the sound she heard in the deathly quiet place was near to her,it didnt take her long to find her car,and when she did,she put her bag in the back seat of the car before locking that door then getting into the front,locking it,relaxing for a moment and getting her seat belt on.

"ok then,cant relax for long,gotta get going,you snooze you loose,and i am not a looser,that's for sure"

aj said,again,to herself,as she pulled out of the spot she was in and then proceeded to drive out of the car park,as she did,she eyed the road,thankfully there was barely anyone else on it as she began to drive at a medium pace,fast,but slow enough as to not go over the speed limit and to still get her there quickly.

"okay,sat nav,time for you to do your magic and find mama a way to get to raw"

as aj drove,she put in the destination to that day's raw arena on her sat nav,and 3 routes appeared that she could take,of the 3,the fastest one to get there appeared to take her through a forest which she was a while away from,the forest was rather big itself but would apparently help her cut through a lot of the way there and get her there faster and more directly,so,she clicked on that route and began following it.

"as much as i dont like driving through a forest,especially this early in the morning,it's the quickest way to get to raw,so i may as well"

aj continued to drive,taking turns when she had to,noticing there wasnt that many people out this morning,she quickly checked her watch as she came to a set of red lights,it was now 6 57 am,she'd been driving for a good while it seemed,as the lights turned green she continued driving,keeping her eyes on the road and listening to her sat nav as she drove out of the city and on a long stretch of road with fields either side.

"i wonder if there's gonna be any farms or animals along this road,it'd be nice to see some horses or,errr,horses,yeah"

finding it hard to think,considering it was still early,aj continued to drive down the long road,as she did she indeed spotted 2 horses,smiling,she noticed that she wasnt too far now from the entrance to the big forest,which looked rather dark inside,thankfully,she could turn on her car's headlights to help her get through it if it was too dark.

"it better not get like a horror movie in there,that's all i need this morning,then again,i wouldnt be shocked if kaitlyn's waiting there somehow,dressed up in her old big foot halloween costume to try and scare me and steal my baby from me,well,it wont work !"

aj picked up a bit of speed as nobody was around it seemed,and so she got to the forest a bit quicker,once inside she turned on her car headlights as it was indeed dark inside there,soon she felt like she had been going in circles as the sat nav was getting messed up driving through the forest and aj had to turn it off,the voice of it getting distorted and it stopping working a few times.

"ugh,at this rate im gonna be stuck in here for far too long,there goes my grand plan to beat traffic and get in some shut eye before raw"

aj,pretty much nearly lost without her sat nav,continued driving around the forest,unable to even find the entrance she had used to get inside earlier,and soon,as she drove what she believed was a new part she'd not driven through yet,suddenly,her car came to a grinding halt,aj shocked as it stopped,when it did,she got out of it hesitantly,grabbing a torch out of one of the car compartments and her bag,just in case she'd need it,she turned on the torch and tried to see what was wrong with the car.

"ugh,this is all i need,seriously,my car breaks down whilest im lost in the never ending forest of darkness and despair,that's just great,thanks world,you really pulled a fast one on me this morning"

she checked out the tires and the back of the car,nothing was wrong with any of them,she walked to the front of her car and prepared for the worst as she put down her bag and held the torch in her mouth as she opened the car bonnet,and,sure enough,as she did,thick black smoke spewed out of it,causing her to take the torch out of her mouth and step backwards,coughing,she grabbed her bag quickly and walked off,this was bad,of all things to be wrong,it was her engine that was messed up.

"ugh,fuck,well,i cant stay here,i should walk a while down this path and see if i can call someone to come and help me"

putting her bag over her shoulder and grabbing her phone out of it and keeping the torch in her other hand,aj walked for a while down the long path in front of her,trees either side of her,when she had gotten a medium distance away from her car,she unlocked her phone and looked through her contacts,settling on a car breakdown service and called it,hoping they'd be open,it was 7 45 am now,so they possibly could be,hopefully she thought.

"huh,it's not even connecting"

aj looked at her signal,nothing was there,she tried holding it in the air in different places,and even walked a bit further trying to get a signal,but nothing was working,she was alone in this forest without her car now it was broken down and she had no signal at all on her phone,this wasnt a good morning for her,she should have taken one of the other routes.

"oh for fuck sakes ! why is this happening to me ? im the new divas champion for crying out loud,im the very best in the damn divas division,this shouldnt be happening to me,it should happen to the bella sluts or kaitlyn or,well,anyone but me !"

frustrated,aj sighed as she put her phone back in her bag and decided to continue walking down the path,hopefully she'd find the exit soon if she kept walking,she kept an eye out for any sign of it as she continued walking,it seemed like she had been walking for ages,when it had been in fact 30 minutes,when she finally saw something,a house with a light on,why there was a house in these woods she didnt know,but someone obviously lived there,which meant that she could get some help,hopefully.

"well,hopefully whoever lives there is a nice,kind person who will help me,after all,who wouldnt help me ?"

aj walked over to the house,putting her bag down by her side,she knocked the door and waited,and soon enough,she heard a noise upstairs,and a distinctly male voice saying.

"hang on just a second !"

aj smiled,this was good,whoever it was that lived here would hopefully either have a phone that she could use that had a signal,or was possibly a mechanic that could fix her car for her,as the door in front of her suddenly opened,there stood a handsome,muscular young man,he smiled at aj and said.

"dont see many people driving through here,whenever i do they're mostly lost,i assume that's why your knocking my door ?"

"i wish that was it,but no,you see my car is like,i dont know,30 or 40 minutes back down the path broken down,the engine is busted and smoke was pouring out of it and i really,really could use some help"

"ahhhh,i see,well you should come in then,it's going to rain soon so you should be in here where it's warm,i'll make you a drink and then we'll figure out how to help you,ok ?"

"sure,thanks ! my name's aj,by the way !"

"omega,nice to meet you aj"

omega let aj into his house,and as she walked in,he closed the door behind her,sliding the door key into a hidden slot in the wall,then said,as aj found her way into his front room and was now sitting comfortably by a fireplace in there with her big bag by her side.

"what would you like to drink aj ? i've got sparkling water in bottles,cans of cola,orange and pineapple juice in a carton and various flavoured milks in bottles"

"oooooo,can i have a flavoured milk ?"

"sure !"

omega walked off into the kitchen,smirking,he couldnt believe his luck,of all the women that could have broken down in their car in the forest he lived in,it was the beautiful aj lee,the woman whom he watched last night on pay per view win the divas title,this was an oppertunity he wasnt going to let slip through his fingers,especially with his,special talents and his,gifts.

"banana,strawberry,blueberry,chocolate or vanilla ?"

"banana please !"

"2 banana milks coming right up then !"

omega grabbed two small bottles of banana milk from his fridge,walked into the front room and sat next to aj by the fire,handing her one of the bottles,they both opened them and drank from them,aj being the first to talk afterwards.

"thanks for this,i appreciate you letting me in and helping me out,especially when you could've not done a thing and acted like you werent in"

"i allways help people,it's in my nature,that,and my light was on so it would've been very hard to act like i wasnt in,eh ?"


aj smiled,omega seemed like a nice guy,she was definatly going to keep in contact with him for sure,maybe he could come with her that night to raw and be her backstage guest ?

"well,i dont know if you know me or not,but i work for the wwe,a wrestling company,im their divas champion,i was on my way to tonight's raw but my car obviously broke down"

"well,im not a mechanic,unfortunatly,but i do have a friend who is one who owes me at least 6 favours after i've hooked him up with various women i know,only for the douche to miserably fail at being a gentlemen to them and getting kicked to the curb"

"ha,please dont try and hook him up with me"

"oh i wont,but i will call in those favours and get him to come over here and find and fix your car for you,it'll take at least 2 hours for him to get here,though"

aj looked at her watch,it was now 8 36 am,if omega's friend took 2 hours to get there,depending on the time he took to fix her car,she'd still possibly have enough time to get to raw and sneak in an hour or two nap before the show started.

"how long would he take fixing it ?"

"depends on how fucked your car's engine is aj,the thing is though i can only make the call from upstairs,thats the only place in the house the signal on my phone works,so when we're done drinking our milk,you wanna go up there with me and i'll call him ?"

"sure ! do you have a games console by an chance we could play to pass the time ?"

"oh yeah,i've got at least 6"

"your my new favourite person !"

smiling,the two of them finished their milks,then got up and omega led aj into the main corridor and up the curling set of stairs to the top floor of his house,once up there he showed her into his bedroom,which had tons of posters around it and,of course,his game consoles,he locked the door behind her,then said.

"if you wanna look through my games,they are in the draw under the window over there,i'll stand here and call my douche friend"

"ok ! i'll go see what game i feel like kicking your ass in !"

"hahaha,bring it on aj !"

as aj walked with her back to omega over to the draw underneath his bedroom window,omega silently opened the closet door of the cloest by his bedroom door,grabbed a blue bottle from it and a cloth,soaked the cloth in a liquid from the bottle,then snuck up behind aj and grabbed her with one arm,and put the cloth on her face,it didnt take long for a wide eyed,panicked aj to fall to the floor unconscious,the cloth was obviously soaked in chloroform,the last thing she saw before she blacked out was omega standing above her,smirking.

---Some Time Later---

"ugh,fuck,what,ugh,happened,feel like a mack truck hit me or i got drunk"

aj started to come to,and,as she slowly opened her eyes,it didnt take her too long to realise wherever this place was,she was strapped tightly,unable to escape,on a metal table like thing,with a weird looking thing above her.

"fuck,i need to get off of this table and figure out where i am before omega gets back here,fucking creep,i thought he was my friend...."

the place she was in was somewhere she didnt reconise,it was a big,white,padded room,she blinked,hoping that this was all just a really bad nightmare she was having,but,as she tried moving,nope,it was very much real,and she was very much stuck on whatever it was she was strapped on to.

"god damnit,this cant be happening to me,if this is some sort of sick,twisted revenge from kaitlyn,i'll fucking tear all of her hair out and burn her fucking clothes the next time i see her"

"oh,this is no revenge from kaitlyn,this is all my doing"

aj saw omega walk in through a door,which was disguised as part of the white,padded wall,she glared at him,silently,before saying.

"what the fuck do you think your doing to me ! let me go ! you were meant to be helping me,not knocking me out with what i guess was chloroform and strapping me to a table in some white room ! what sort of sicko are you ?"

"oh,aj,you know when i watched payback last night i thought to myself if i ever got the chance to ever get you alone,i'd take full advantage of it and you,and,as luck would have it,your car broke down in my woods,you see,im not your typical human being,in a manner of speaking,i'm,well,im different"

"yeah,your a sick twisted freak who likes locking up innocent,helpless women in your basement !"

"this was once my old basement,yes,but this is now my underground experimentation room,like i said,i am different"

experimentation room ? aj didnt like the sound of that,the scariest part of the thing though,was that aj was screwed,in the sense that nobody knew where she was,and nobody was most likely going to know what's happening to her,so this freaky,twisted perv,omega,was going to be able to do whatever he wanted to her,and she'd have to accept it,there'd be no point trying to fight it.

"i assume from your silence you have nothing to say to me ?"

".....go fuck yourself asshole"

"ha,i do love your attitude aj,i'll let you keep some of it,you see,the thing your strapped to is a machine,a machine which,when i activate it,the piece above will lower and fit around your body,then your mind will be wiped clean of your entire life,everything,who you are,your personality,your memories,your friends and family,gone,the only things which will be in there is what i choose to keep,and what i have put in there,false memories of a new life,you will become my obdient,sex hungry fuck toy,but,that's not the best part,you see,the machine will also make your breasts larger and make them lactate,and will also make you immortal,just like me"

"wha.....immortal ?"

"oh yes,i didnt tell you how i was different,did i ? you see,i may only look like im 26 years old,but i am in fact much older,i was born a long,long time ago,but when i turned 26,i simply stopped aging,full stop,i also stopped feeling pain,i found out it was a gift bestowed upon me after i saved someone's life,someone who turned out to be a very powerful,important person,but the short of it is,since then,using my gifts,i've been able to work myself into a position of power,i now own a very well visited strip club in the city ran by like minded people who want power and money,like me,your going to be one of the star attractions there when i've made you into my obdient,sex hungry slave,aj,sure,you wont be there as often as the other women who work there as you will belong to me,but when you are there,your going to make me a ton of money"

this was bad,very bad,aj was scared,she was fucking terrified,the sad part was,she believed him,and she knew that no matter what happened,her life was over from that point on,she was going to become someone different,why her ? why was life punishing her ?

"my blood is in that machine,well,some of it,enough that when injected into you,as has been in some of my employees,they became immortal like me,you will as well,so,anything to say before i activate the machine ?"

"......just get it over and done with,asshole"

smirking,knowing he had won,he walked over to a console,pressed some buttons and the machine activated,lowering over aj,whose mind immediatly started being scrambled and wiped clean,then filled with false,new memories,memories of allways having belonged to,and being completely,totally and utterly obdient to omega,knowing what her role in life was and enjoying it,her black widow personality was left in,and her breasts were indeed made bigger and made to lactate,she was also injected with the immortal blood of omega,turning her into an immortal like him.

"and we're done"

omega said as the machine finished doing everything it set out to do,aj's clothes had also been removed from her as the top of the machine lifted up,omega walked over to her and unstrapped her as aj slowly opened her eyes,blinking and rubbing them,omega said to her.

"wakey wakey sleepy head,i found you dozing off down here,you must have been tired after last night"

"heh,i guess i was my love,are we going to go upstairs and have sex now ? i really want your cock in all my holes,i want you to fill me with your hot,delicious,sticky cum and feel it all over me,drenching me,coating me"

omega smirked,and said

"of course we are,my aj"

tilting her head and smiling,aj jumped and wrapped her legs around omega's waist and her arms around his neck,omega smiled and made out with her for a good,long 30 minutes,enjoying every lust filled moment,before they finished,and he said.

"if we stay down here,we'll never get upstairs and have sex,come on aj,let's get up there"

"can i stay on you and will you carry me ?"

"of course"

aj smiled as omega walked over to,and out of the door of his sound proof basement,he carried aj up a set of spiral stairs which lead to a door which was opened to his garage,he then carried aj through the rest of the house and back upstairs to his bedroom,where,after using one hand to lock the door,he planted a kiss on his aj before saying.

"get on the bed whilest i get my clothes off,aj"

"with pleasure"

aj got off of omega,and skipped over to,and then seductively crawled onto the bed,omega enjoying the sight of his new and improved aj lee as he removed his clothes,revealing his muscular,nude body and long,rock hard cock,which aj desperately wanted inside of her,omega smirked seeing her licking her lips at the sight of it,and as he got on the bed and straddled her,he said.

"you ready,aj ?"

"of course i am,fuck me allready,god i need your huge piece of delicious man meat inside of me"

smirking,knowing aj now belonged to him,mind,body and soul,forever,omega slammed his cock inside of her pussy,getting an big moan from her as he began jackhammering it in and out,whilest groping and playing with aj's huge breasts,as he grunted and enjoyed fucking his new,obdient,sex hungry plaything,aj was moaning uncontrollably with pleasure as she was getting rammed and groped by the man who owned her,omega,and she was absolutely loving every single second of it as his long,huge,hard cock filled her over and over and over.

"mmmmmm,oh,fuck,oh god,mmmmmm,oh,your cock is so big inside of my pussy,mmmmmm,oh god i love how,ahhh,you fill me up and fuck me like a slut,mmmmmmmmm"

"ahhhhh,oh aj,mmmmmmmm,god,i love you,i fucking love owning you and i love fucking you,you will allways and forever,mmmmm,be my delicious obdient sex toy"

omega was having the best time of his life,he was fucking the woman he had become obsessed with for a long time ever since aj had first showed up on wwe tv on that season of nxt she had been on and now,he had her there in his bedroom,and she belonged to him,and as she moaned,groaned and purred like a sex crazed slut,he grunted as he continued jackhammering his cock in and out of her wet pussy,he also began sucking on and milking her huge tits,going back and forth on them,drinking the milk down like a man possessed,which was also causing aj herself even more sexual pleasure,aj had become in less then a day a changed woman,she was now truly and utterly under omega's control,and was obsessed with being fucked,sex was all she desired in life,and as omega's rock hard cock drilled and jackhammered her wet pussy,and omega sucked down her breast milk,making her nipples rock hard in the process,aj was getting more and more horny,as was omega,the two locked into their sexual embrace.


"heh,mmmmmmm,god,your getting so wet aj,mmmmmmmmm,ahhhh,fuck,and your breast milk is so delicious,mmmmmmm"

omega continued to break in his new favourite toy,getting hornier and hornier,as was aj,omega drilled her faster and harder,clearly he was begining to build up to an orgasam,as was aj,who was bucking her hips wildly as omega's cock was getting her soaking wet,aj having resorted to wrapping her legs around omega's waist to make his cock go deeper inside her more often,which turned omega himself on even more as he continued to also go to town on her tits,going back and forth on them sucking them,milking them,everything was perfect for the sex crazed lovers,and both were closer then ever to climaxing.

"ahhhhh,hahhhh,ahhhhhhh,oh,god,mmmm,aj,your making me,ahhhh,so god damned fucking horny,mmmmmm,im going to fucking climax hard at this rate,mmmmmmmmmmm,i bet you'll love that,wont you,mmmmmmm"


not needing to be told twice,omega continued having his way with aj until both of them were no longer able to hold it in anymore,and they both climaxed,omega pulling his cock out of aj and coating her from head to toe in his hot,sticky cum,when he was drained he sat there at the top of the bed as aj lay there,smiling happily,glistening.

"that was,truly fucking perfect,aj,mmmmm,god,im sure when we fuck again later today it'll be even better,knowing you,heh heh"

"i cant wait either,i love having sex with you,my love,it makes me so happy being fucked,i love having your cock inside of me"

omega smirked,for now,his life was truly better,in the coming weeks,months and years that followed,the amount of times he had sex with his aj went up time and time again,neither could age nor die so,being immortal had it's perks sex wise.

as for aj,she,as well as belonging to omega,also began working at his strip club,when word spread and pictures surfaced online of aj's new job,more and more people came to see and paid good money to see the former diva,now happy stripper take off her clothes for them and twirl around on the stripper pole.

of course,those who had enough money could also hang around to the end of the night when the club was 'closed' and pay to join in with the staff with the gang bang sessions they had with aj,who was more then happy with them,of course,though,that,and the tale of her 'initiation' to the staff of the strip club is a whole other tale,a tale for another time and another place.
A Widow Caught In A Web
So,yeah,i know i also have a femslash fanfiction series going on with aj lee,but this was something that i've wanted to do for quite some time,at least,part of the story was a concept of an entirely different story i had planned on doing but couldnt,for various reasons.

anyways,i hope you all enjoy reading this as much as i had fun writing this !
I'm Putting This Here For Anyone Who May Want To Keep Track Of The Release Slate Of All Marvel Related Superhero Movies,Not Just The Main MCU But The Sony & Fox Produced Movies As Well,This Will Get Updated Whenever New Information Comes Out Regarding Marvel Produced Movies Heading Into The Future.

Movies Set For Release In 2015
Avengers,Age Of Ultron [Released]
July 17th-Ant Man (End Of MCU Phase 2)
August 7th-Fantastic Four

Movies Set For Release In 2016
February 12th-Deadpool
May 6th-Captain America,Civil War (Begining Of MCU Phase 3,Possible Appearance By New Rebooted SpiderMan ?)
May 27th-X Men Apocalypse
October 27th-Gambit
November 4th-Doctor Strange
November 11th-The Sinister Six (Possibly Cancelled Or Delayed ?)

Movies Set For Release In 2017
March 3rd-The Wolverine Sequel
May 5th-Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
June 2nd-Fantastic Four Sequel
July 28th-SpiderMan (Sony/Marvel Produced Reboot,First Appearance In Civil War ?)
November 3rd-Thor Ragnarok

Movies Set For Release In 2018
May 4th-Avengers Infinity War Part 1
July 6th-Black Panther
November 2nd-Captain Marvel

Movies Set For Release In 2019
May 3rd-Avengers Infinity War Part 2 (Possible End Of Phase 3 ?)
July 12th-The Inhumans (Possible End Of Phase 3 Or Possible Begining Of Phase 4)
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Huge Fan Of Wrestling,The Walking Dead,Black Sails,Game Of Thrones,Marvel,DC & Many,Many Other Things !

I Also LOVE Writing,Its One Of My Few Passions In Life And You'll Find Many Fanfictions Of Mine Here On My DA !

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