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Basic Information
Name-The Sisters Of Sin (Jasmine,Zephyr & Ruby)
Age (If Timelord Unknown Is Fine)-Jasmine = 34,Zephyr = 30,Ruby = 28 (All 3 Are,However,Ageless)
Gender-All 3 Are Female
Sexuality (Straight,Gay,Lesbian,Bi-Sexual)-All 3 Are Lesbians
Marriage Status (Single,Married To,Dating)-All 3 Are Single
Home Town/Home Planet-Lustria
Species (Human,Timelord,Silurian Etc Etc)-Lustrian Angels
Picture Base (If Basing Your Character On A Real Person)-
Jasmine = Kim Kardashian…
Zephyr = Katy Perry…
Ruby = JWoww…

Personality Information
Likes-Jasmine (The Finer Things In Life,Wine,Money,Power,Seducing Women,Being The Leader Of Her Sisters),Zephyr (Singing,Having Fun,Seducing Women,Being Second In Command Of Her Sisters),Ruby (Reading Books,Playing Games,Surfing The Internet,Seducing Women,Being Controlled By Jasmine And Zephyr)
Is Known For-Being The Rulers Of Their Home Realm Of Lustria
Clothes He/She Wears-Whatever They Feel Like

Family Information

Allies Information
Any Well Known Doctor Who Characters As Allies-Not Yet
Any Other Allies (Includes Other OCs)-Not Yet

Enemies Information
Any Well Known Doctor Who Characters As Enemies-Not Yet
Any Other Enemies (Includes Other OCs)-Not Yet

Equipment Information
Non Offensive Equipment Carried-N/A
Offensive Equipment Carried-N/A
Unique Equipment Carried-Jasmine (Mind Control/Hypnosis Necklace,Pheremone Ring),Zephyr (Bracelet Of Corruption),Ruby (Lustrian Converter Powder,Kept In A Pocket Mirror Case)

Transportation Information
What Does You OC Use To Get Around ? (A Tardis,A Spaceship,A Vortex Manipulator Etc Etc)-All 3 Can Teleport Between Worlds And Dimensions
Is It Unique In Any Way To Your OC ?-Yes,It Is An Inherant Ability That Only The Rulers Of Lustria Have
Was It Stolen ?-No

Other Character Information
Alignment (Good,Evil,Neutral)-Evil
Regeneration Number (Timelords Only)-N/A
Abilities (Mind Control,Regeneration,Teleportation Etc Etc)-All 3 Can Teleport Between Worlds And Realms/Realities,All 3 Are Immortals (Can Not Age,Nor Die),All 3 Are Able To See Brief Glimpses Of The Future And All 3 Are Able To Take Control Of Any Body They Feel Like By Touching A Person And Abosorbing Themselves Into Them
Goals-To Corrupt And Take Control Of Amy Pond
Companion(s) (If Timelord)-N/A
Does Your OC Star In His/Her Own Fanfiction Series ?-Soon,Yes

Background Story
The Sisters Of Sin (Jasmine,Zephyr & Ruby) Are The Rulers Of The Realm Of Lustria,A Corrupted Version Of Earth Where The Dominant Race Are Lustrian Angels.

Jasmine,The Leader Of Her Sisters,One Day Decided That She Was Not Content With Just Being Restricted To Staying In Her Own Realm,And,With Her Sisters In Tow,Used Her Teleporting Ability To Go To Earth,Where They Arrived In Sin City,Las Vegas,And Each Sister Found Themselves A Suitable Body To Take Control Of.

Soon,They Had Integrated Themselves Into Earth Culture,And Had Learnt,Travelling Earth Together,Of A Woman Named Amy Pond Who Was Destined For Great Things After All 3 Received A Brief Vision Of Her Future.

It Was Then That All 3 Agreed To Find This Beautiful Woman Before She Could Fulfill Her Destiny And Take Her With Them Back To Their Homeworld,Where They Would Enslave Her And Turn Her Into One Of Them.

Thus,Their Story Begun....
The Sisters Of Sin-Doctor Who Oc Profile
A New Oc Profile For My New Ocs,The Sisters Of Sin,Jasmine,Zephyr And Ruby,Who Will Be In A Fanfic Story Soon With Amy Pond,Hope Everyone Likes Them !

The Template Used Here Is One I Made Myself,Which You Can Find Here > Doctor Who OC Template
The Leaked Test Footage From A While Ago
The Variety Article Confirming It

You Know It's Going To be A Good Day When You Wake Up & See That THERE'S FINALLY GOING TO BE A DEADPOOL MOVIE !

I Cant Wait For This Movie To Happen,Sure,It's Being Released In 2016,BUT,AT LEAST THEY'RE FINALLY FRICKING MAKING IT !

Methinks Them Giving It The Go Ahead Had A Lot To Do With That Leaked Test Footage That Mysteriously Appeared Online,Either Way,I'm Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy ! :)
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United Kingdom
Huge Fan Of Wrestling,The Walking Dead,Black Sails,Game Of Thrones,Marvel,DC & Many,Many Other Things !

I Also LOVE Writing,Its One Of My Few Passions In Life And You'll Find Many Fanfictions Of Mine Here On My DA !

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