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Killah Queen by omegatwilight
Killah Queen
Hey Everyone !
Here's My First Upload Of 2015,I Wanted To Make Another Sig,And Couldnt Think Of Anyone Better Then The Beautiful TNA Knockout Madison Rayne ! (Tech Stuff Below)

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(Contains: sexual themes)
Let Me Help You Forget-An Captain America,The First Avenger Femslash Fanfiction By Omegatwilight

Rating-Mature (Contains Drug Use/Abuse,Breast Expansion,Lactation,Hypnosis)
Pairing-Private Lorraine & Peggy Carter

Disclaimer-No I Dont Own Lorraine,Peggy Or Any Other Trademarks That May Appear In This Fanfiction (The Only Thing I Do Own Is The Plot),None Of The Following Events Have Ever Happened Or Ever Will Happen And I Dont Profit From This Fanfiction Either

Plot-It's Been Over A Year Since Peggy Carter Lost Steve Rogers,AKA Captain America,And She Has Spent Most Of That Time Trying,But Failing To Forget About What Happened,However,One Night In A Bar,Someone From Her Past Talks To Her,And May Be The Key To Helping Her Forget About Steve.

"why,why cant i forget,when i try so hard..."

the sad words of peggy carter,spoken to herself as she sits alone in her local pub,it's been over a year now since the loss of captain america,and nobody has been taking it more hard then peggy,who has constantly been trying to forget what happened so she could move on,but try as hard as she might,she cant forget the man she once loved,causing her to spend most of her free time and nights either alone in her apartment,or here in the pub,drinking quietly to herself.

"i loved him,but he's gone now,why cant i just forget and move on,it's been over a year now,i deserve closure dont i ?"

peggy took a sip from her glass of wine,the third glass she'd had that evening,and sighed as she looked at all of the happy people around her,friends drinking together at the bar,people laughing and smiling on various tables,happy couples staring into each other's eyes and making out,it all reminded her of how much she would love to be that happy right now,but unfortunatly for her she just cant seem to move on,it's not like anyone else has really even helped her,either.

"most of my friends have been avoiding me since steve died,i dont know why,i'm not a bad person,bad things have just happened to me and apparently that means i'm someone they need to avoid,well,screw them,i dont need friends like that..."

peggy took another,long drink from her wine glass,finishing it off this time,she was about to get up and get another when she heard a familiar voice coming from the bar,and looked up to see who it was.

"hello peggy,i've never seen you in here before,mind if i join you ?"

the woman standing by the bar talking to her was none other then private lorraine,peggy vaguely remembered her as she had not talked to lorraine much when she was working,but she did remember her for some reason,though she couldnt recall what it was.

"sure,i guess i could use the company"

"great,you look like you want another red wine,as well,i'll get us both one,hey,jack,two red wines please buddy"

peggy smiled somewhat,it was nice of lorraine to buy her a glass of wine,nobody had offered to do much of anything for peggy in a long time,so when lorraine came and sat next to her and handed her the glass of red wine,she smiled,sipped from it and said.

"thank you,lorraine,i appreciate your kindness,it's the first i've seen from anyone in quite some time"

"i fail to see how that could be true,peggy,after all i would have thought you would have many suitors knocking your door since,well,what happened happened,which im very sorry about,by the way,i know you and the captain were close,it must have devestated you when he dissapeared"

peggy sighed,it did indeed devestate her,it was hard for her to deal with,which is why she turned to keeping her distance from people and drinking copius amounts of wine every day,trying to force herself to forget what had happened,but still,life just would not let her forget what happened to her,and now she was begining to wonder if she was doomed to never be able to forget.

"it did,very much so,matter of fact it's why i've been here most nights or alone in my apartment since then,i've just been trying to forget what happened,but for some reason,i can not,i dont think anyone would want to be with a wreck like myself either,i mean,i'm not exactly my old self anymore,people rarely talk to me,im surprised you did"

"hey,dont be so hard on yourself,your a really nice person,your someone that i look up to,someone that i aspire to be like one day,i allways think that if i can be even one third of how amazing you are,then i'd have made something of myself and made my parents proud of their little lorraine"

"awwwww......thank you,that means quite a lot to me"

peggy smiled a genuine smile for the first in a long time,lorraine's kind words made her happy,knowing that there was at least one person that looked up to her,and thought of her as an inspiration still despite the fact peggy had become distant from most people,in a way it was something that could help her forget,for a small while,about what happened,though it would not help for long,unfortunatly.

"peggy,there's something i've been meaning to tell you,but i've not really had the chance to talk to you about it,plus i've been going back and forth on when would be the right time to talk to you about it,considering all that's happened in your life,but i feel like now's a better time then ever"

"hmmm ? what do you want to tell me ?"

peggy was curious,lorraine sounded quite serious in her tone of voice,peggy took another sip from her wine,as did lorraine,and then lorraine said.

"i dont know if you remember this or not,but i do,and it's been plaguing me with guilt ever since,back before what happened,well,happened,there was a moment when i met steve,and then i flirted with him,you walked by and got angry with him and walked off,and i felt like such a huge jerk for possibly ruining your relationship with him,i'm very,very sorry about that,i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me,though,i wont blame you if you dont,nor would i blame you if you wanted me to leave right now"

so that's how peggy remembered lorraine,it was beacuse of her flirting with steve last year,still,it was something that had become so insignificant now that peggy couldnt help but forgive lorraine,after all,she seemed very genuine and sorry about what her actions had made happen,and peggy was a forgiving woman,not one to hold a grudge against anyone for too long,so she smiled towards lorraine,and said.

"there's no need for you to leave,lorraine,i forgive you,and i appreciate you feeling like you needed to apologise to me for what you did,your a nice person,lorraine,one of the very few left in my life right now,i would very much like to keep you in it rather then let my feelings get in the way and make you hate me like everyone else seemingly does"

"i could never hate you,peggy,here,let's be friends,would you like that ? i'll come visit you every day,at work and at your apartment after work,i'll come here with you if you want as well,i promise i wont abandon you,i'm not that type of person,and friends never do that to other friends,especially ones that they care about,either"

peggy's smile grew hearing the kind words from lorraine,lorraine wanted to be her friend,and right now peggy needed a friend more then ever,plus lorraine sounded genuine,so of course,peggy was going to say yes to her.

"i would very much love to be friends with you,lorraine,i sincerely appreciate this,i'll never be able to repay your kindness,but please know that it means so much to me that you'd want to be friends with me,you may just be the only friend that i have right now"

"peggy,you never need to repay me,all you need to do is smile,let me cheer you up and just be yourself again and i'll be happy,you know,i have a feeling that i might be able to help you forget about what happened,if you'd let me help you,that is"

those last few words from lorraine made peggy hopeful,if lorraine knew of some way to make peggy be able to forget and move on,then she would eagerly accept lorraine's help,lorraine was proving to be a good friend so far,peggy was happy she had come to the bar tonight and had talked to her.

"well,firstly,you have to agree to come home with me,and that when we get there,you'll let me do what i need to do to make you forget,otherwise i wont be able to help you"

"ok,i agree to that"

"good,secondly,i need you to wait here just a second whilest i get us a bottle of wine to go,my friend behind the bar owes me for when i helped him out a few nights ago,so i'll get us one,then we can go,that ok ?"

"sounds good to me"

both women smiled as lorraine got up,walked over to the bar and said.

"hey,jack,you know how you owe me for the other night when i helped you out ?"

"yes ? what is it you want lorraine ?"

"hey now,play nice,i helped you,all i want is a bottle of red wine,doesnt matter which one,just make it red,i'm taking it home with me and my new friend peggy"

"ok,that's fine,but we're even now"

lorraine smirked as jack handed her a bottle of expensive red wine inside of a paper bag from behind the counter,lorraine then walked over to peggy,who was finishing off her glass of wine,and said to her.

"i got the bottle,you ready ?"

"i'm ready"

"good,let's get going then !"

lorraine and peggy smiled at each other as peggy got up,linked arms with lorraine and the two walked out of the bar together,as they walked down the path,the darkness of the night sky and the lamps lighting their path,peggy found herself asking lorraine a question,almost absentmindedly.

"how far from here do you live,lorraine ?"

"oh,not too far,dont worry peggy,just down to the end of this path,turn right and it's the third door down,then we go up the stairs and it's the first door on the right,that's my apartment,number 4"

"ahhhhh,so do you go to the bar quite often ?"

"sometimes i do when i have the time,but i have so much work to do these days that im normally sitting at work for ungodly hours after most are gone getting it finished"

"oh,that has to be bad,not having much time for yourself"

"sometimes,i guess you can say that"

peggy's question made lorraine remember the day she arrived home from work early,last month,it was a day that she would remember,beacuse it was the day that would change the direction of her life forever.

---The Previous Month,Lorraine's Apartment---

"ahhhh,thank god i'm home,i swear if they keep on trying to make me stay late i'm going to go crazy one of these days"

private lorraine had just got home from work,as she walked in the door to the apartment building she lived in,she was greeted by the female landlord,a kindly old woman called suzanne who allways helped out lorraine whenever she could,lorraine smiled seeing her.

"hello there lorraine,i hope they've been treating you nice today at that place you work"

"oh,thank you miss suzanne,i'm sure they will start soon,but right now they are over working me"

"well they need to be nicer to you,your a nice young girl,oh,i nearly forgot,a parcel was delivered here today for you,by a man who said it needed to be given directly to you,i told him you were at work and he said to make sure only you see it,i put it on the table by your bed in your room"

"ahhhhh,thank you suzanne,i wonder what's inside of it,thank you for being so nice as allways !"

lorraine hugged her landlord,smirking over the fact that suzanne still had the spare key to her apartment,one of these days she would get it off of her,but as she began to walk up the stairs,her thoughts drifted to whatever was in the package,and,as she got to her apartment and opened the door,walked in and closed it,she put her coat on the hook and smiled.

"well then,i guess i should see whatever's in this parcel before i do anything else"

lorraine walked into her bedroom,and,of course,collapsed exhaustedly onto it,after a hard day of work she needed to relax,she saw the large brown paper wrapped parcel on the table near her bed,grabbed it and opened it,inside was a locked steel box with a typed letter on the top,she also saw a key wrapped on a piece of string on her bed,it must have fallen onto the bed when she unwrapped the parcel,and figured it went to the box,she put the box down and put the key in it,but then figured she should read the letter first.

"private lorraine,we hope that this letter and package gets to you,and only you,as we believe that only you are the person that can help us with our current predicament we are in"

so far,this sounded like it may be some sort of joke her friends were playing on her,but she continued to read the letter.

"i am from an organization called hydra,we hope to one day take over the world,however,recent developments,aka the man called captain america obliterating most of our bases and the dissapearance of our leader,the red skull,have made us wary of contacting people in person anymore,and have made us go into hiding,for the time being,however,we need your help making sure that a certain woman,one peggy carter,leaves her work post and does not interfere in our plans for the future anymore"

now lorraine was rather curious as to whatever was in the box if this letter was indeed genuine,and wanted to also know why some terrorist sounding organization would want,of all people,her help.

"if you are willing to help us,you will find inside of the locked steel box a golden pocket watch which will help you hypnotise miss peggy carter,we know that you once tried to flirt with captain america and failed,and you may be looking for a way to get back at peggy carter for taking the man you wanted,yourself"

how did this group called hydra know that ? lorraine was not only curious,but kinda scared,she figured there had to be moles or spies within where she worked.

"we have also given you various syringes full of potent drugs that will help you,including one which will make her weak willed enough to be hypnotised,there are also various other drugs which we believe you may like to use on her,in short,we want you to make her your sex toy,we believe that having the next best thing to the man you lost,the woman who took her,would make you more then happy enough to help us,you will also find payment details for if you help us in this endevour and provide us proof,we allways reward handsomely,so please consider our proposal"

lorraine opened the box,and there was indeed inside of it everything the letter described,she started throwing around the idea inside of her head of helping this organization,but having a hypnotised,obdient play thing for her own private pleasure whenever she wanted said pleasure would be quite nice,and it would be poetic for her to have the next best thing to captain america,the woman who loved him,peggy carter,she smirked and said.

"well then,i guess i have to work extra hard now to come up with a way to get her here so i can help this,hydra out"

lorraine smirked and started looking at the various syringes,as well as the golden pocket watch,and thought of how she could get peggy carter to come home with her.

---Lorraine's Apartment,The Current Month---

"just relax on the bed peggy,i need to get a few things,ok ?


lorraine and peggy had made it back to lorraine's apartment,lorraine had locked the door to it tight and put the key in her coat,peggy was sitting on lorraine's bed in her bedroom,meanwhile in the kitchen,lorraine was getting the locked box from one of the cupboards,she unlocked it with the key but did not open it just yet,she took it with her into the bedroom and put it down on the bed,sat down next to peggy and said.

"ok,now you remember you agreed to letting me do what i have to do to help you forget ?"

"yes,i remember,why ?"

"well,firstly i need you to say you trust me,and also to close your eyes,so i can begin"

"i do trust you,your my only friend right now"

as peggy closed her eyes,lorraine smirked,then opened the box,grabbed the syringe which she knew had the will weakening drug inside,having studied all of the syringes,then whispered to peggy.

"let me help you forget,peggy"

lorraine then jabbed the syringe into peggy's neck,and peggy opened her eyes and gasped,but was unable to react as she found herself suddenly feeling rather weak,before she could fall backwards after swaying to the side,lorraine caught her and held her,smirked,and then grabbed the shiny,golden pocket watch,and said.

"now,follow the watch as it swings back and forth,peggy,you'll find yourself feeling sleepy,very,very sleepy,so sleepy"

peggy found herself unable to do anything but comply with lorraine,and watched as the pocket watch swung back and forth,back and forth,and in next to no time she began finding herself feeling very sleepy.

"good peggy,soon you will fall into a deep,deep sleep,during which my voice is the only voice you will be able to hear and obey,when i count down to 1 from 3,and you hear my fingers snap,you will fall asleep,3...2...1"

lorraine snapped her fingers,and peggy fell backwards onto the bed,lorraine smirked,so far,her plan was going perfectly,now that she had peggy where she wanted her,she ripped peggy's clothes off of her,revealing her beautiful nude body,her huge,firm tits and her luscious pussy,lorraine took her own clothes off also and straddled peggy,then said.

"can you hear me,peggy ?"

inside of peggy's head,there was nothing,but when she heard an echoing voice,asking if she could hear her,she replied in an almost robotic way.

"yes,i can hear you"

"good girl,peggy,now,from now on,everything that i tell you will be your new life,your previous one has never existed,you were born to be my lesbian sex toy,my play thing,my fuck puppet and my pleasure piece,repeat what i just said"

"from now on,everything you say is my new previous one never existed,i was born to be your lesbian sex toy....your play thing,your fuck puppet and pleasure piece..."

lorraine smirked,she grabbed four syringes,each contained an obdience enhancing drug which she jabbed into peggy to ensure complete and utter control over her,she disposed of the empty syringes in a secure plastic bag,then said.

"good girl,now,you are to never leave this apartment,you will never talk to anyone else and you will allways do what i tell you to do whenever i tell you to do it as you belong to me,and me only,repeat my words"

"i am never to leave the apartment,and never talk to anyone else....i am allways to do whatever you tell me to do whenever you tell me to do it beacuse i belong to you...and you only"

lorraine smirked,this was working perfectly,she grabbed two more syringes,these were breast expansion drugs that not only would make peggy's breasts bigger,but also make them able to lactate large quatities of breast milk,lorraine licked her lips at the thought of it and injected it into peggy's breasts,and sure enough,it immediatly started growing her breasts until they were quite big,lorraine couldnt wait to play with them and suck them,she disposed of the syringes into the bag and said to peggy.

"good girl peggy,now,finally,you are completely and utterly obdient to me,you have allways loved me and allways will,you will call me mistress lorraine and you will never,ever,be able to break free of my control over you beacuse you want to be controlled and used,repeat my words"

"i am completely and utterly obdient to you....i've allways loved you and allways will,i will call you mistress lorraine,and never be able to break free of your control......i allways wanted to be controlled and used"

all lorraine had to do now was say the right words,snap her fingers and peggy would be completely and utterly under her control,she smirked,but grabbed two final syringes,these were drugs that would ensure that both women could never age again,nor feel pain or be hurt,hydra noted in their letter they went through great trouble to find these,they said the drugs would make her and peggy,if used,immortal,which lorraine liked the sound of,so she jabbed one into herself,and felt a jolt of power surging through her as she also jabbed the last one into peggy,disposed of it safely,put the bag into the box and put that on the floor,then straddled peggy again,and said.

"now,on my command,when i snap my fingers after counting from 3 to 1,you will wake up in your new life and everything i said will become reality,3....2.....1"

lorraine snapped her fingers,and peggy began slowly opening her eyes,as she did,she saw the beautiful,nude body of her loving mistress,lorraine,and said.

"i'm sorry,mistress,did i fall asleep ?"

"yes,you did,but it's fine,you needed some rest,but i need you now,so there's no more time for sleeping,peggy,i'm in need of some sexual pleasure"

"yes,mistress lorraine,i am yours and yours alone to do with as you please"

"oh,i know,peggy,i know"

lorraine smirked,it had worked,her plan was a success,she had used peggy's emotions against her and made her believe lorraine was her friend and had managed to lure peggy to her apartment where she finally was able to put the main part of plan into action,and now,peggy carter belonged to her,forever,she planted her lips on peggy's and began hungrily making out with her new plaything,she also began grinding their pussies together,feeling instant pleasure,she also began groping peggy's huge breasts,getting hornier as each moment passed as she fucked peggy.

"mmmmmmmm,mmmmm,ahhhh,peggy,mmmmmm,this feels so good,mmmm,dont you agree,mmmmmmm"

"it does,mmmmmmm,feel so good,ahhhh,mistress lorraine,im so lucky to be your obdient sex toy,mmmmmm"

turned on by peggy's words,lorraine found herself going slightly faster grinding their pussies together,and also started going to town on peggy's huge breasts,sucking each one,not wanting to wait to do it any longer,and the more she sucked them,the more milk flowed from them,and it tasted so good to lorraine as she drank it hungrily,it had been a long time since lorraine had sex and now she was able to have it whenever she wanted with her new toy,the thought of it was making her extremely horny,combined with the pleasure she was getting,peggy's moans and groans also turned her on,she could tell that peggy was enjoying it.

"mmmmmmmmm,oh yessss,mmmmmm,oh,god,yes,mmmmmmm,i love having an obdient sex toy,mmmmmm,im so glad your mine,peggy,mmmmm,god,mmmm,your breast milk is fucking delicious and addictive,mmmmmm"

"mmmmmmm,mistress lorraine,i'm,ahhhhh,glad you love my milk,mmmmm,i hope i'm,ahhhhhh,a good fuck toy for you,mmmmmm"

"oh,yesssssss,ahhhhhh,you definatly are,mmmmmmm"

lorraine was getting extremely horny very fast,she could feel both her's and peggy's pussies were getting very wet,she also noticed milk was pouring down peggy's body,making it glisten even more,due to the sheer amount coming out of her lactating tits due to lorraine going to town on them both,lorraine couldnt get enough of it as she continued sucking it down and grinding harder and faster,harder and faster on peggy's pussy,feeling the build up of pure,erotic,sexual,blissful pleasure inside of her,peggy's erotic moans were the cherry on the top of the sexual cake.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmm,oh,god,fucking hell,mmmmmmmm,oh dear god i'm gonna fucking cum so god damned hard,mmmmmmmmmm,oh,god,mmmmmmmm"

"mmmmmmmmm,so am i,mistress,mmmmmmmmmm"

lorraine just couldnt hold in the erotic pleasure anymore,and shouted out loudly in pleasure as she finally came hard,as did peggy.



the two women collapsed onto the bed,exhausted,however,lorraine wasnt done just yet.

"peggy,before we relax,i want you to lick my cunt clean,eat my cum and tell me how good it tastes"

"yes,mistress lorraine"

lorraine smirked as she sat on the edge of the bed,then peggy got off the bed and put lorraine's legs over her shoulders and proceeded to start hungrily licking lorraine's pussy,making lorraine,who had allready came,cum over and over again,all of it going down peggy's throat,in the end,after having cum for the 20th time,the truly exhausted lorraine laid back on the bed,and watched as peggy licked her lips,lorraine then asked her.

"how did it taste ?"

"it tasted divine,mistress lorraine"

"damn,fucking,right it did,now,get on here so i can use your huge tits to sleep on,my love"

peggy obdiently got on the bed,and when she did,lorraine wrapped peggy's legs around her own waist,then,smiling,fell asleep,resting her head on her new lover's breasts,peggy falling asleep soon after.

lorraine eventually got her payment from hydra,enough money to set her up for a very long time,meaning she could not only stop working,but move into a house with peggy,where she spent most of her days,which were plentiful,considering both were immortal,having sex with peggy,most people said you rarely saw lorraine anymore,but if you did,she'd have a satisfied smirk on her face,as if she'd gotten lucky with someone she truly loved,or someone hot.

as for peggy ? she spent the rest of her immortal life as an obdient hypno sex slave to lorraine,happy,and,of course,having completely forgotten what had once caused her sadness.
Let Me Help You Forget-Pvt Lorraine x Peggy Carter
Hey Everyone !

This Will Be My Final Upload Of 2014,I Wanted To Do A Femslash Story With Peggy Carter In For A While,But Never Knew Who To Pair Her With,Until I Rewatched The First Avenger And Saw Private Lorraine In It,For Those Not In The Know,This Is Her > marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.…

This Is One Of My Longer Stories In Some Time,So I Hope You Enjoy Reading It !
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
My Lady,My Property-An Agents Of Shield Femslash Fanfiction By Omegatwilight

Rating-Mature (Contains Mind Control)
Pairing-Sif & Lorelei

Disclaimer-No I Dont Own Sif,Lorelei Or Any Other Trademarks That May Appear In This Fanfiction (The Only Thing I Do Own Is The Plot),None Of The Following Events Have Ever Happened Or Ever Will Happen And I Dont Profit From This Fanfiction Either

Plot-After Having Escaped Asgard,Lorelei Has Made Her Way To Earth And Taken Residance In An Expensive Hotel Suite,Where She Waits For The Inevitable,Sif Hunting Her Down,However,This Time,Lorelei Is Prepared,Beacuse,She Now Has Something Which Sif Knows Nothing About,But Soon,Sif Will Know All About It...

"ahhhhh,what a view,this really is the perfect planet to start my conquest of the realms from"

looking out of the window of her caesers palace hotel room,the asgardian sorceress lorelei marveled at the view that she saw,the sun shining in the sky,birds flying,people below walking,driving,talking,earth was interesting to her,ever since she had escaped asgard and managed to get to earth,she had used her powers of mind control and seduction to get herself this far,and had managed to secure this expensive room from which she has been staying for some time now,plotting her next moves,and waiting for something to happen.

"i'm sure that i can easily take control of this world,it wouldnt be that hard to enslave everyone here,i mean after all men are weak minded fools that are easy to make succumb to my will,and normally i would struggle with women,but,well...."

lorelei stopped talking for a moment,looking down at the necklace she was wearing and the ring on her right hand ring finger,she smiled and then looked back outside at the window,where,in the distance she saw a flash of light from the sky come cascading down,and knew it was a matter of time now.

"i'm an asgardian,i am a goddess,this world shall belong to me,everyone will bow before me,kneel and praise me as their one true ruler,i will rule them as their benevolent queen,and i will reward the faithful,the strong,and punish the weak,and nobody is going to stop me,not even....her"

lorelei knew it would not take her long to track her down,so lorelei walked over towards her bed,sat on it,opened a bottle of red wine,poured some into a glass,relaxed on the bed and took a sip from the wine,before putting it on her bedside cabinet,and saying to herself.

"i was trapped,locked away in asgard for 600 years,unable to say a word beacuse of that cursed collar around my neck,but now,i'm finally free,and i will never be going back to asgard,not until i have conquered everywhere else,have the hugest,most powerful army possible,an army fit for an asgardian queen,and then,i shall set them loose on my home,let them destroy it,and i shall,once it is conquered,rule it,reshape it in my own image,i,lorelei,will rule over all from my throne in asgard,everyone shall worship me"

lorelei drank some more of her wine,she stared at the ceiling,looking at the stars on there,she thought to herself about how glorious it would be to have a statue of herself outside of her castle in asgard,and how everyday when she woke up she could go outside and marvel at it,it would remind her of how far she would have come,and,as she poured more wine and then drank some of it,she thought about whom she would have ruling by her side.

"a queen allways needs her king,they say,but when i rule over all from my throne in asgard,i will have no king,there is no man,human or otherwise,fit to rule by my side,no,there is only one person,one woman that i desire to have ruling by my side,and i am sure she will soon be here,after all,it's not like i didnt leave clues for her to follow to find me"

lorelei put down her wine glass and then took off her top she was wearing,revealing her beige bra covered,huge,firm breasts,she then slide out of her jeans to reveal her matching coloured thong,she casually tossed both her shirt and jeans to the floor,then grabbed a bottle of perfume,put it on,then grabbed her lipstick,put that on,put it back and laid back,saying to herself.

"i'm surprised it's taking her this long to get here,to be quite honest,i mean back on asgard when she was fighting wars and tracking down various enemies of asgard it took her no longer then an hour to track down most of who she was looking for,then again this world is foreign to her,like it was me when i got here,i still have yet to see most of it,but i am sure that i will,in time,i'm quite sure of th.."

before she could finish what she was saying,the door to her room flew half way across the room and then fell to the ground,and in walked,dressed in her asgardian armour and holding her blade,was the woman that lorelei had been waiting for,the asgardian known as sif,lorelei smirked,then smiled at sif as sif stood there at the foot of lorelei's bed,and said.

"lorelei,i dont know why you chose to escape,but we do not have to do things the hard way here,if you give up willingly and allow me to take you back home,i promise you that i will do all i possibly can to ensure you get a fair trial and that you do not remain in prison for so long as you were before"

"oh sif,it's been so long since i last saw you,so long since we last talked,and all you can talk about is taking me back home and putting me in prison again ? no hello ? no how are you lorelei ? tsk tsk tsk,i thought you had manners,i thought you were nice,i have done absolutely nothing wrong,sif,i was not the one who was the reason i was able to get out of that wretched jail,i merely took advantage of circumstances that were in my favour and found my way here to earth,does it look like i have honestly done anything wrong here to you sif ?"

sif stood there,silently,contemplating what lorelei had said,sif of course knew better then to be tricked by lorelei,and she knew that the way lorelei was able to control most men would not work on her,so she could quite easily put the asgardian collar on lorelei right now if she wanted to,but she knew lorelei would fight back,maybe if she tried convincing her to come back,she could avoid having to fight her.

"your right,where is my manners,it has been far too long since we last talked,but lorelei,you must understand that i can not just allow you to go and do harm to this world,i was sent here to bring you back,do you understand that ?"

"oh,im quite sure odin sent you after me,sif,but please,can i not have at least a few more days here ? i was locked up for so long,not able to talk,nobody to keep me company,do you know how lonely i was there,locked away from everyone else ? it's not like i'd be able to escape you now your here,your a much better warrior and fighter then i am,sif,i know that,but if you were to stay with me,just for a few days,to let me live a little before having to go home,i would appreciate it so much,old friend"

"i....i....i dont know..."

sif was quite stunned at how lorelei replied to her,she had never thought that lorelei would say sif was better then her,the lorelei sif knew,or at least,she thought she knew,now that she was begining to doubt herself,was a lorelei who thought of herself better then everyone else,including sif,despite sif having been the one who defeated her and imprisoned her before,but now,sif found herself begining to feel somewhat sorry for lorelei,maybe if she was there to guard and make sure lorelei didnt get into any trouble,there'd be no problem letting lorelei stay here on earth for a few more days,it'd feel good to see some change in lorelei,and honestly,she did have a point,lorelei was not the one who made it so she was able to break out of asgardian prison.

"sif,please,your the only woman on this planet that can defeat me,your also the only person right now who can let me have a few more days of freedom,i promise you,nothing will happen,all i want is just to see the world for a while longer before willingly going back to asgard,please,show me the compassion i know is inside of you"

"you would willingly go back if i let you stay here a few more days ?"

"yes,i would,sif,you know i speak the truth"

"well.....i guess..ok,but i will be making sure you cause no trouble,lorelei"

"i know,thank you,sif,you really are the kindest asgardian i know,nobody else would have believed me"

lorelei,inside of her head,couldnt believe sif was so gullible that she bought lorelei's story about wanting to just see the world for a few more days,she honestly thought she was going to have to fight her,that sif would flat out refuse,but now,as she got up,went over and hugged sif,inside of her mind she was smirking,now,sif was right where she wanted her.

"i am surprised,lorelei,you have changed since we last talked,i did not think this would be the lorelei i would meet when i tracked you down"

"loneliness and 600 years of not being able to talk and being imprisoned can change a girl,sif,but you wouldnt know what that's like,whilest i was alone,you were there,on the battlefields,fighting side by side with thor and your friends,nobody cared about me,bothered to visit me,not that i could talk to them,but it would've been nice,but,you know,a curious thing happened after i got free,you see,i found this necklace,and this ring,and,well...."

lorelei stopped hugging sif,who suddenly found herself unable to move at all,her eyes were fixed in place as she watched lorelei slink back onto her bed,the necklace she was wearing glowing a bright blue light,the door to her hotel suite also flew off the ground and back onto it's hinges,miraculously fixed,lorelei smirked,and said.

"you see,this necklace allows me to do whatever i want,it was locked away in the forbidden artifacts area,which was unguarded at the time,all i need do is think of what i want to happen,and it will happen,powerful,isnt it sif ?"

sif tried to say something,but it was then that she realised that lorelei had also made her unable to talk,this must have been lorelei's cruel way of trying to make sif see what lorelei had to deal with when the asgardian collar was on her for 600 years.

"oh,wait,you cant talk right now,how does that feel,sif ? i couldnt talk for 600 years,i couldnt say a word for so long,and now,if i wanted to i could tear you apart,limb from limb,with your own sword,and you'd be powerless to say a word or stop me,you thought i had changed,oh,i've changed,but i did not grow weaker,sif,i grew stronger"

listening to lorelei talk,sif couldnt believe lorelei had tricked her,lorelei had used sif's emotions against her to make her believe that lorelei had changed,so she could make sif vulnerable,make sif drop her guard just long enough so lorelei could use her powerful necklace on her,and now,sif was powerless to do anything,she had to try and struggle against the power of this necklace,or she may wind up doomed.

"but the necklace is not the only thing i found,i also found this brilliant ring,it's beautiful,is it not ? do you know what it does,sif ? it allows me to control anyone,not just men,but women,as well,the receptionist downstairs,the female,she was the first woman i tried using it on,you see it draws your soul completely into it,and leaves you under my control,destroying all of your free will and making you my obdient slave,when i tried it on her,she instantly gave me this room,and i also had her bring me up many of these luxuries like wine,chocolates and so on and so forth,so,you see,sif,not only was i ready for you,i was making sure you'd come find me,i wanted you to,i even got dressed specially for you,does my body not look so tempting to you,sif ?"

sif was begining to get terrified after hearing what lorelei said,and considering the necklace was still holding her in place and she could not talk,she was beliving everything that lorelei was now saying,that ring,if it took her soul from her and placed her under lorelei's control,if it took her free will and left her a mindless puppet,sif feared for asgard and the rest of the many worlds and realms,sif was a fearless warrior,and as a puppet in the hands of lorelei,she knew lorelei must have intended to use her to take control of everything and everyone,including asgard,and sif would be powerless to stop her.

"sif,not only am i going to take your soul and take you under my control,i'm also going to make you my obdient lover,i'm going to have you rule by my side as my puppet queen,you'll lead my armies into glorious battle,win wars for me,help me take over everywhere and everything,everyone will bow down to me,and every day,and every night,we shall lay in bed,together,and i shall use you for my own pleasure,you,and your body,will be mine,sif,anything to say before i take your soul from you and take you for myself ?"

lorelei then allowed sif to talk,sif realising it after she found her mouth able to move,she had to say something to convince lorelei not to do what she wanted to do to her,otherwise,sif was done for.

"lorelei,please,do not do this,you do not have to take control of me and make me your puppet,if you wish to be left alone by me and by asgard i can make that happen,do not do this,please,lorelei,i beg you,do not do this"

"i dont believe a word your saying,sif,do you think i was born yesterday ? do you take me for a fool ? i am not thor's brother loki,i am not so easily swayed or tricked,i was the one who tricked you,remember ? or did you forget that i set everything up so you'd find me,and then,when you did,i easily made you believe i'd changed ? sif,your mine"

sif gasped,as suddenly she felt and saw her soul being ripped out of her,a glowing blue mass floating towards lorelei's ring,sucked right inside of it,the ring glowing blue for a second,before it stopped,sif's eyes then shut,and sif fell to the ground,lorelei smirked,then got off the bed and picked sif up,laid her on the bed and began to remove her clothing,until sif had nothing left on at all,she then removed her own clothing,and whispered to her new play thing.

"wakey wakey sif"

inside of sif's mind there was nothing but darkness,a complete and utter emptiness where she now resided,but,she suddenly heard a familiar voice echoing through her mind,a voice telling her to wake up,saying wakey wakey sif,it was then her eyes opened,and as they did,she said.

"i am awake,lorelei my love"

lorelei smiled,sif truly did belong to her now,she straddled her,then leant her head down to sif's,looking in her eyes,she said to her.

"tell me,how much do you love me,sif ?"

"i love you more then life itself,i love you more then i love everyone i've ever cared about"

"more then even thor ?"


lorelei's smile grew,and she planted her lips on sif's,making out with her,their tounges dancing,clashing,as this happened,lorelei also found herself begining to grind hers and sif's pussies together,the feeling of which made both women moan inbetween kissing,lorelei also began playing with sif's firm breasts,rubbing her nipples with her thumbs,lorelei had wanted this for a long time,and now that sif belonged to her,she finally had her fantasy,and it was becoming reality.

"mmmmmm,ahhhh,oh,god,sif,mmmmm,my lady,my property,mmmmmm,this feels good,mmmm"

"ahhhhhh,oh,mmmmmm,lorelei,ahhhhh,i've allways dreamt of being fucked by you,mmmmmm,it feels just like,mmmm,i thought it would,ahhhh,and so much,mmmm,better"

hearing sif's words just spurred the allready horny lorelei on to fuck her mind controlled lover even more,which she did,their tounges dancing and clashing,lorelei gazing lustily into sif's eyes,sif gazing back as lorelei continued grinding their pussies together,they were both begining to get wet and both were gradually picking up the pace,their moans and groans slowly getting louder and more frequent,lorelei could also feel sif's nipples slowly growing hard as she rubbed them more and more with her thumbs.

"ahhhhhhh,mmmmm,oooooh,sif,god,mmmmmmm,i've,ahhh,allways wanted to see your,mmmm,naughty side,and now i am,i'm,mmmmmm,loving it"

"i'm,ahhhh,glad you,mmmm,like it my love,i belong to you,mind,body and soul,mmmmm"

thats right,she did,lorelei thought,the thought of it making her even hornier then she allready was,which was insanely horny as she stopped making out with sif and began sucking on her now erect,fully hard nipples,going to town on them,going back and forth,the taste of sif's huge,firm breasts spurring her on as she also continued grinding their soaking wet pussies together,sif constantly moaning and purring and saying lorelei's name inbetween breathless moans of pure erotic pleasure,the sif who was once against lorelei was truly no more,replaced by the mind controlled,sex hungry sif that was now glistening as her's and lorelei's sexual pleasure kept on growing and growing.

"oh,ahhhhhhh,lorelei,my love,mmmmmm,oh,god,ahhhh,it feels good when you suck my tits,mmmmmm,oh,ahhhh,god,im so fucking horny right now,mmmmmm"

"Mmmmmmmmm,mmmmmm mmmmm,mmmmmmmm !!!!"

was all lorelei could say,the super horny,sex crazed asgardian was far to interested in fucking sif and sucking on her tits then talking to her,and right now lorelei was in a blissful,sexual,tit sucking,pussy grinding frenzy,all of that sexual tension built up over 600 years of imprisonment finally surfacing,showing itself as sif truly became lorelei's sexual plaything,being broken in in the most pleasureful way possible,sif herself felt herself getting extremely horny,to the point of pure sexual bliss,as she found herself and lorelei having grown so wet,they had to be close to climaxing.

"lorelei,i,ahhhhhh,oh,god,fucking fuck,mmmmmmm,oh god,i'm gonna,ahhhh,im gonna cummmmm"

"mmmmmmmmm,mmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm"

lorelei was also extremely close to climaxing,and,on the brink of going over the edge,one final sexual burst from lorelei sent both her and sif crashing over the edge,into a blissful,erotic,sexual climax,both women shouted out each other's names as they came furiously.



both women collapsed onto lorelei's bed,exhausted,lorelei wrapped her legs around sif's waist,sif resting her head between lorelei's breasts and sucking on one of them,causing lorelei to moan and tilt her head back,biting her lip for a moment,before smiling and then looking at her lover,her property,her mind controlled sif,and saying to her.

"now that we're finally together,now that your finally mind,not only am i going to become the ruler of all,i will do it with you by my side,you will rule alongside me,you will lead my armies into battle and win for me,and we will have glorious,glorious sex,so much glorious sex,oh sif,i am so glad you came looking for me,oh yes i am,beacuse now,nobody can stop me,nobody at all"

and lorelei spoke no lies,for in the weeks,months and years that followed,with her mind controlled lover sif at her side,lorelei became the most feared asgardian sorceress in existance,slowly,gradually begining her dominance of all of the realms,nobody could stop her,and nobody soon tried,beacuse everyone,sooner or later,bowed down to queen lorelei.
My Lady,My Property - Sif x Lorelei
My New Agents Of Shield Fanfiction,This Time The Pairing Is The Two Beautiful Asgardian Females,The Warrior Sif And The Sorceress Lorelei,I Hope You All Enjoy Reading It As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It !
My Lady,My Property-Fanfic Header by omegatwilight
My Lady,My Property-Fanfic Header
A Header For A Sif x Lorelei Agents Of Shield Fanfiction I'll Be Doing Soon,Tech Stuff Is Below

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Bad Girl Shenanigans-Skye x Jemma by omegatwilight
Bad Girl Shenanigans-Skye x Jemma
So,After Submitting My Skye x Jemma story Last Night,I Wanted To Make Something Else With The Pairing,And So,I Made This Forum Style Signature,Hope Ya'll Like It ! (Links To All Stuff Used Is Below)

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The Leaked Test Footage From A While Ago
The Variety Article Confirming It

You Know It's Going To be A Good Day When You Wake Up & See That THERE'S FINALLY GOING TO BE A DEADPOOL MOVIE !

I Cant Wait For This Movie To Happen,Sure,It's Being Released In 2016,BUT,AT LEAST THEY'RE FINALLY FRICKING MAKING IT !

Methinks Them Giving It The Go Ahead Had A Lot To Do With That Leaked Test Footage That Mysteriously Appeared Online,Either Way,I'm Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy ! :)
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