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Preying On Smoak-An Arrow Femslash Fanfiction By Omegatwilight

Pairing-Helena Bertinelli & Felicity Smoak

Disclaimer-No I Dont Own Helena,Felicity Or Any Other Trademarks That May Appear In This Fanfiction (The Only Thing I Do Own Is The Plot),None Of The Following Events Have Ever Happened Or Ever Will Happen And I Dont Profit From This Fanfiction Either

Plot-A Year To The Day Of Oliver Not Returning After Going To Nanda Parbat,Felicity Smoak Is Sitting Alone In Oliver's Club's Basement Base,Scouring The Internet Trying To Find A Sign of Him,When Suddenly The Power Is Cut,The Lights Go Out And She Hears A Familiar Voice-What Will Happen To Felicity ?

"come on,come on come on come on !!! there HAS to be something somewhere,i've been at this for a friggin year"

sitting alone in the basement of oliver's club,which she and team arrow used to call their base,felicity smoak is trying to find any trace of oliver queen,it's been a year since he went to nanda parbat,and despite people constantly telling her there's no point in trying to look anymore,felicity has been trying for the entire year,searching the web,hacking various websites but still,no luck,and she was begining to get very frustrated with the fact she was getting no results.

"ugh,frick ! i'm smart,i can do this,i know i can find some trace of him somewhere,he has got to be somewhere,alive,i wont give up until i find him,starling city needs him,his friends need him......i need him"

tears fell down felicity's eyes as she continued doing her best to search for traces of oliver online,ever since his not having come back,the only person really fighting crime was roy,aka arsenal,but roy wasnt allways able to stop everything,meaning crime had went back up in the city,felicity was finding it harder and scarier each day having to get to oliver's club,sometimes spending entire months or weeks down there just to avoid having to go home.

"maybe if i check cctv camera databases in places like china,hong kong,who knows he might be there,it's worth trying,i mean if he beat ra's al ghul,then he would've probably went into hiding somewhere or been cornered somewhere and had to stay there beacuse of the league being after him,yeah,that's what's happened for sure....."

felicity was trying to delude herself into beliving a false fantasy,but she was far to smart to allow herself to believe such thoughts,and as she got up from her chair at the big table of computers and computer screens,she sighed,wiped the tears from her face and went over to a nearby table to grab a cup of tea from a kettle she'd set up.

"i need something to help me relax and calm myself,i know he's out there though,i will keep on trying,i just need a break for now,that's all"

felicity walked around the base which was once filled with friends and,of course,oliver,it's fair to say since oliver didnt return,andy and various others didnt feel the need to start coming back to the base,and soon stopped coming alltogether,despite felicity's pleas of help,they just wouldnt listen to her,roy came over occasionally to check in on her,but that was about it,she was basically alone down here pretty much all of the time.

"i used to think this place was creepy back when it was just me,oliver and diggle,but now it's just me,i KNOW it's creepy,heh,i'm trying to calm down and i'm scaring myself,well done felicity,the best way to calm yourself is to scare yourself"

shaking her head,felicity goes to pour herself another cup of tea,when suddenly the power and lights in the basement cut out,leaving felicity standing deathly still and quiet,this was not a fun thing,she hated being alone in a dark place,her fear of darkness was one of her bigger fears.

"smoak....smoak,felicty smoak...."

turning her head sharply hearing whoever just said her name,felicity was not scared,she was terrified,she was alone,in the dark,and somebody was there with her,as much as she didnt want to give away where she was standing,so she might have some sort of fighting chance of getting out of there,she felt compelled to try and figure out who was down there with her,so,she said,calling out into the pitch black darkness.

"who.....who's there !!! who is that ?"

"oh,felicity,you know.....who i am"

"i do ?"

"oh yes,i'm sure you'll remember me.....soon"

felicity couldnt quite seem to figure out who it was,though the voice was begining to sound familiar to her,she couldnt quite seem to put a name to it,her smarts were not helping her in any way whatsoever right now,probably beacuse she was so terrified of the situation she was in that she was far too scared to try and think straight.

"come on felicity....think,i used to date ollie....."

"oliver dated a few women,how am i supposed to know which one you are ?"

"beacuse i was.....special"


taking a few steps backwards,the noises of things possibly breaking frightening her more,felicity found herself trying to think who of oliver's past girlfriends could have been considered special,and began narrowing it down to a few,when the voice suddenly spoke again.

"come on,your such a smart girl, father is a despicable man..."

"oh,oh god no......hel-hel-helena ?"

felicity felt a chill fall down her entire body as the footsteps of helena got closer to her,of all the people to be alone with,the huntress,helena bertinelli,this wasnt the person she wanted it to be,helena was a psychopath,one felicity could not deal with on her own.

"yes,felicity,it's me,helena,long time no see....but you will...."

helena stopped talking,and felicity felt a chill running straight down her spine as the footsteps stopped suddenly,and she felt a hand running up her body,stopping at her face,felicity smelt something,and quickly realised helena had a chloroform soaked rag,and was going to make her pass out,helena wrapped an arm around felicity to stop her from getting away,then whispered to felicity,as felicity began to pass out.

"you will see me again love"

struggling to keep conscious,felicity found herself passing out,her eyes fluttering open and shut,feeling herself slowly buckling,falling down to the floor,helena holding onto her,until she finally lost conscious and passed out.

---Later That Day,Location Unknown---

"ugh......where,wh....where i ?"

felicity's eyes started to slowly open and adjust to the light in the room she was in,it was a room which looked very much like one of those hotel suites that newly wed couples would go to,as felicity tried moving,she couldnt,she looked behind herself and saw her wrists were chained to bedposts,she was on a huge,heart shaped bed,and,furthermore,she saw she was also naked,making her blush,why was she naked ? where did helena take her,and why was she naked ?

"oh,god,this isnt good,where the heck am i ?"

felicity tried struggling to get free,but the handcuffs used to keep her on the bed were not gonna break any time soon,she was far to weak to even put the smallest of dents into them,so she tried to figure out where she might be,though the fear in her mind was still making it hard for her to do that.

"hel-helena ? are you there ? where am i !"

"oh,i'm here,felicity,relax"

felicity looked over to where she heard the voice coming from,and helena stepped out from behind a changing screen,wearing nothing but purple lingerie,she seductively walked over to the bed felicity was cuffed to,felicity wondering why helena had stripped her,though she was starting to get ideas,and none of those ideas were ideas that she particularly liked,and as helena sat next to felicity on the bed,stroking one of felicity's legs,felicity stifled a moan,making helena smile as she said.

"you know,felicity,i've been following you,keeping an eye on you for a year now,ever since oliver never came back,i've been making sure that you were safe,that,and decorating this beautiful room that we're in,it's nice,isnt it ?"

"'ve been following me ?"

"yes,you see,despite the fact that i liked oliver,from the moment i first laid eyes on you,i could tell that you were the woman that i wanted,felicity,i wanted you,and i would have you,so,when the oppertunity arose that nobody would be able to stop me from getting what i wanted this time,i waited for the right moment to strike,an entire year of planning"

helena had been planning this ever since oliver had dissapeared ? helena liked felicity more then she did oliver ? this was begining to make things slightly clearer for felicity,who was begining to understand why helena had bought her here,and she was begining to realise that was probably also why she was naked,as well.

"you've been planning to capture me for an entire year ? why ? why do you love me,why do you want me ?"

"oh,felicity,your so adorable when your asking questions,i want you beacuse i want you,plain and simple,i find you very attractive,and i've lost a lot in my life,so,for a year,i planned a way in which i could capture you,bring you somewhere secure,away from everything,and everyone,and have you all to myself"

"away from everyone ? all to yourself ?"

"yes,did you notice this beautiful looking honeymoon suite esque room has no windows ? well,it's beacuse this used to be a sound proof,bomb proof underground panic bunker,i knew someone who had a friend that owned this place,she hooked me up with the old guy,and well,he took a permanant vacation to paris,shall we say,before handing over the code to get into here to me,the best thing about here,is that only i know where it is,and nobody can get in here,nobody will ever,be taking you away from me"

those last few words chilled felicity to her very core,if what helena said was true,felicity was trapped down here with helena,her prisoner,her property,felicity had figured everything out in her head,helena had fallen in love with her,and,not wanting to happen to her what happened to the last guy she loved,helena had concocted a plan to get felicity all to herself,and her plan had pretty much succeeded to perfection,felicity was now in helena's grasp.

"i decorated this place for you,beacuse i wanted you to live in a nice place,you'll be staying here from now on,i managed to get a bathroom down here,dont ask how,it works,as does the tv and cable,dont ask either,but it works,i also have a ton of clothes that are your size,and we're stocked on food and drink for at least a good ten years,so we wont be leaving here any time soon"

"......why are you doing this to me,helena ? if you had fallen in love with me,why didnt you just be up front and come and tell me rather then going through all of this trouble to get me away from everyone and everything to keep as your piece of property ?"

"felicity,i've allready told you,i did all of this,beacuse i can,and beacuse this time,nobody will stop me from doing what i want,you'll either love me willingly,or you will learn to love me over time,either way,now your mine,and i have to ask you this,felicity-are you going to be nice and let us have fun together,and fall in love with me,or am i going to have to make you ? a simple,option 1 or option 2 reply is good,my beautiful,geeky computer whiz"

it seemed like felicity had pretty much no choice but to comply with helena,she didnt want to lose her free will,so if she willingly allowed helena to have her way with her,felicity might even truly grow to love helena,so,she knew what option she was going to choose.

"if i choose option 1,will you please uncuff me ? i wont be going anywhere,and my wrists hurt"

"of course i will,so,i take it your choice is the smarter choice,option 1 ?"

"yes,it is"

helena's smile grew as she uncuffed felicity,then stared into her eyes,as she said to her.

"now,allow me to show you just how much i love you,felicity,and you may realise that we were meant to be together,which i allready know we were"

helena unhooked her bra,letting it drop to the floor and revealing her big,perky breasts,then removed her thong,leaving her naked and revealing her pussy,felicity found it hard not to be turned on as helena,noticing it,smirked and moved in and began making out with felicity,who,caught by surprise,having still been concentrating on helena's gorgeous nude body,instantly found herself enjoying the kiss,allowing helena free access to her mouth as helena's tounge began massaging felicity's,helena also began caressing felicity's pussy,making felicity moan even more as the two found themselves getting hot and heavy fast.


"i,ahhhhh,mmmmm,see your,mmmmm,enjoying this as much as i am"

"oh,mmmmmm,yeah i am,mmmmmm"

helena,spurred on by felicity's arousing approval,began to straddle the beautiful blonde,then began slowly grinding their pussies together,not stopping sucking on felicity's tounge,their making out getting hotter and heavier with each passing moment,and now that helena had begun finally fucking felicity,who herself was breathing hard and moaning nonstop,helena couldnt stop thinking that finally,she finally had everything she wanted,finally,nobody could stop her from having a good life,nobody at all would stop the huntress from having her felicity.

"mmmmmmm,oh,god,mmmmm,your wet alllready,mmmmm,felicity,ahhhhh,i knew you'd,ahhhh,grow to love me as much as i,ahhhhhh,oh,fuck,mmmm,love you"

"oh,ahhhhh,oh god,i fucking love you,helena,mmmmmmm,oh,god,oh,mmmmmmm,this is,so good,mmmmm"

felicity found herself grabbing,squeezing,groping and playing with helena's big tits,as the horny blonde was making out with,and getting fucked by the beautiful huntress,felicity couldnt believe how quickly helena had gotten her horny,and how she'd made her fall for her this fast,but now felicity's mind was filled with nothing but hunger and lust for her lover,helena,ditto helena for felicity,the two were both extremely horny,helena's nipples growing rock hard fast.

"ohhhhhhhhh,fuck,i like you playing with my tits,felicity,it's,ahhhhh,oh god,mmmmm,such a turn on to see you,mmmmmm,become this much of a,ahhhhh,sex hungry bimbo,mmmmm"

"oh,helena,ahhhhh,oh,god,fuck,mmmmm,oh yeah,im your smart,sex hungry bimbo,oh yeah,fuck your bimbo like the sex hungry bimbo she is,mmmmmmm"

felicity couldnt believe the words coming out of her mouth,but she didnt care,and helena couldnt believe she had corrupted felicity that much this fast,but helena knew she was good,and that she was fucking hot,she knew her body was a weapon,and her body was being put to it's best use as she corrupted and had her way with felicity,making felicity her perfect lover,she felt that they were both getting very close to climaxing,but wanted to put it off for a while longer,enjoying this far to much for it to stop now.

"oh,fucking,fuck fuck fuck,mmmmmm,felicity,you,fucking,mmmmmm,your so fucking wet,mmmmmm"

"thats,ahhhh,beacuse your hot fucking body is making me horny as hell,ahhhhhh,oh,god,mmmm,oh yeah,my pussy is so fucking close to climaxing,mmmmmm,ahhhhhhh !!!"

helena knew that any moment,they were both gonna give in to their lustful,erotic,euphoric,pleasureful tendencies and climax,and she knew that it was going to be a great moment for the both of them,so she sped up the process,fucking felicity so hard and so fast that they both finally climaxed together at the same time,screaming loudly each other's name in pure,erotic bliss.



the two lovers collapsed onto the bed,exhausted,helena wrapped her arms around her lover,felicity,holding her close as she rested her head close to helena,the two gazed lovingly into one another's eyes,felicity being the first to talk.

"i never thought that,when i grew up,i'd fall in love with a woman,i allways thought i'd meet a nice guy and settle down and have some kids,you know,be normal,but i guess i was never truly,really normal,heh,i'm glad though this happened,you were right,i did fall for you,helena,i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you,here,away from all the bad things in life,never having to worry about saving people again,helping people,all i have to care about is my happiness,and yours"

"i couldnt have put it any better my love,im so glad that your finally seeing things my way,and that you love me as much as i love you,i promise you we'll be safe down here,nobody will ever find us,we can make love for as long as we want,we can watch cable whenever we want,we can do pretty much whatever we want here,never having to go to the surface ever again,nobody will ever ruin my life,never again,i wont lose you"

"helena,you've made me see things in a different light,a better light,i promise you,that i'll allways love you,and you wont lose me"

with felicity's words,helena smiled once more,and the two star crossed lovers made out once more,before falling asleep in one another's arms,for helena,she had finally gotten what she wanted,and knew she would never lose felicity,her plans had,for once,finally worked out for her,nobody would ever get in her way,ever again,of having a good life.

for felicity,this signalled the begining of a new chapter in her life,a chapter of a lot of lustful,erotically charged sex with helena,who she fell deeper and deeper in love with as the days,weeks,months and years went by,the two rarely,if ever,had to go outside of their new home,felicity enjoying spending long stretches of time having nonstop sex with her helena,felicity had truly changed.

for them both ? well,it's fair to say,they lived erotically ever after.
Preying On Smoak-Helena x Felicity
After Many,Many Dropped And Deleted Ideas,I've Finally Done Another Femslash Fanfiction ! This Time,It's One Based On The DC Television Show Arrow,And,More Specifically,On Felicity Smoak And Helena Bertinelli,The Huntress,I Hope You All Enjoy Reading It As Much As I Did Writing It !
The Blondtourage by omegatwilight
The Blondtourage
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