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I Never Stopped Falling In Love With You-A Suite Life Of Zack And Cody Femslash Fanfiction By Omegatwilight

Pairing-London Tipton And Maddie Fitzpatrick

Disclaimer-No I Dont Own London,Maddie Or Any Other Trademarks That May Appear In This Fanfiction (The Only Thing I Do Own Is The Plot),None Of The Following Events Have Ever Happened Or Ever Will Happen And I Dont Profit From This Fanfiction Either

Plot-It's Maddie Fitzpatrick's 20th Birthday,And After Opening Her Present And Having A Bath,She Gets A Call From A Friend She's Not Seen In A Long Time,London Tipton,Who Wants To Meet Up With Her At The Tipton Hotel In Her Room,Where She Still Lives,Maddie Accepts,Wanting To Catch Up With London,But Does Maddie Also Have Other Reasons To Want To See Her Again ?


the annoying,loud sound of an alarm clock beeping,and then being hit by maddie fitzpatrick,it was 7 am on a monday morning and she was feeling exceptionally groggy as she slowly opened her eyes to look at the clock,she grumbled,rubbing her eyes to make sure it was 7 am,then sighed and sat on her bed,wondering why she had set her alarm so early,she normally would never set it this early now that she lives on her own in an apartment building.

"ugh,what is so important about today that i set the alarm so early ? maybe i put a reminder on my mobile,i hope i did"

maddie grabbed her mobile phone out of her bag,which was on the bedside table next to her,she went onto the reminders app and saw that today was her birthday,she face palmed at having forgotten her own birthday,and then remembered that she had bought herself a present,though,she'd forgotten what it actually was.

"well,i guess happy birthday to me,im finally the big 2 and 0,20 years old,christ,i cant believe i've been living on my own in this place for 2 years now,still,it feels good not to have to live with my family anymore,even if they are just across the street from here"

maddie grabbed her dressing gown,only having on her pajamas,and put it on,then walked over to her closet,where she grabbed the badly wrapped box with a ribbon on it she had put in there for safe keeping,she remembered she had bought it last week,but for the life of her she couldnt remember what she had bought herself.

"well,at least i have something,maybe later on i can go out and go to get a burger or go to an actual fancy resturant or something,or buy that movie i've been meaning to see on dvd,i should definatly treat myself today"

as maddie sat back on her bed,smiling,she opened the present,tearing the wrapping paper and carefully taking off the ribbon she had used to make the bow,thinking it might come in useful she put it inside of her bag,she then opened the box and saw inside there was a new bath robe with her initials on it,she smiled,having now remembered she had spent a small bit having it custom made for her birthday.

"how the heck could i have forgotten about this,this cost me a bunch and a half,heh,still,it's not as expensive as some of the stuff you'd used to see back at the tipton hotel,god i miss that place,then again it is just down the block,maybe i could visit it later,i wonder if anyone i know who used to work there still does ?"

maddie smiled as she started thinking back to some of the good times she used to have back when she was younger and still working at the tipton as their candy counter girl,she had a lot of fun times with zack,cody,moesby and london,especially london,of course,london became maddie's best friend eventually,though the two started off as polar opposites,eventually they warmed up to one another,and london had told maddie time and time again she allways appreciated maddie being honest with her and helping her become a better person,it sucked that in the past two years they'd not seen that much of each other.

"i wish i could see her again,it'd be nice to hang out with london again,even if it's for just a day,i really miss her,i mean...."

maddie sighed as she thought about something else she had tried shoving to the back of her mind,but it was getting harder and harder to do so as,with every passing day,there was more and more reminders of her best friend pretty much everywhere she went,and,try as she may,her mind was pretty much fixated on london tipton,the woman who not only did she become best friends with,but had an unrequited love for,a love london has never known,and probably never will,known about.

"i know im not the only girl who's fallen in love with her best friend in life and cant tell them about it,but,it really feels like i am from time to time,i mean,even if i ever did get the chance to tell london how much i really feel about her,who's to say she wouldnt have allready found someone by then,or that she'd reject me beacuse she wouldnt want to be with a woman ? hell,who's to say london wouldnt have reverted back to her old self and laugh in my face....."

maddie doubted that last thing she said would ever happen,beacuse,london,in all her ditzyness and her selfishness from time to time,had changed a lot ever since she had met maddie,and maddie knew that london tipton would never change back into being the daddy's girl that she was way back when they first met,and maddie was just the candy counter girl who got to poke fun at london all the time and london was allways oblivious to it.

"heh,i need to get my mind off of her for a while before i start getting emotional,i think it's time i had a bath"

taking off her dressing gown,and grabbing her phone again,maddie walked from her bed over to a door with a sign on which had a picture of a rubber duck on,something london had got for her on her 18th birthday two years ago,shaking her head and laughing at how ridiculous she thought it was and still does from time to time,but how happy it makes her,she opened the door and walked inside,slipping out of her pajamas,letting them fall to the ground as she started running a nice,relaxing,hot bath with scented bubble bath,one of her few luxuries she had.

"this'll be nice,i think after this i'll go and get some breakfast at the local cafe and then go out shopping for another birthday present"

as she turned off the taps,maddie put her phone on a small wooden table which she put a small distance from the bath where she could safely grab it from if it rang,then got into the hot,bubbly water,as she did maddie sighed happily,tilting her head back and closing her eyes for a while.

"ahhhh,i wish i could just stay in here for a day sometimes,i mean,i could today,it's my birthday,but i think by the time i get out of it i'd look like a prune,heh"

maddie opened her eyes and up the wall to click open a small cabinet which used to have meds in it,but which now has various cans of cola in it,she grabbed one,opened it and took a refreshing gulp of it before putting it next to her phone on the small table,smiling,her mind drifted to other things.

"i wonder if that discount dvd shop will have in that dvd i asked them about last week today,i know they said it'd take a month to order a copy in but sometimes it takes them less then a month to get in customer orde-huh ?"

maddie's phone started to play her ringtone,a cat's meowing,maddie wondered who'd be calling her on her birthday,maybe it was her parents,she quickly leaned over,grabbed her phone,sat up in the bath and answered the call without looking who it was.

"hey,you got maddie,who's there ?"

"why it's little me,of course"

" ?"

"the one and only !"

maddie couldnt believe it,she was only thinking about london just a few odd minutes ago,and now london was calling her on her phone,maddie blinked,momentarily gazing at the digital owl shaped clock on her wall,it was now 8 25 am,london never normally got up before 9 am,so maddie was not only confused,but,also happy,this was the first in a long time she had heard the voice which made her heart skip a beat.

"why are you up early london ? wait,actually,hi ! it's so good to hear your voice again,i've missed you"

"same here,it's been far to long,i know i've not called much for a long time,but i really do have a good reason,plus,i remembered today was your birthday,so i got you a present,and was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over to the tipton hotel and stay over for the day ? you'd be staying in my room at the top with me,we'd have so much fun catching up"

maddie didnt really have to think twice about this,this would be a good chance to have london all to herself for a day,which meant she could finally tell her exactly how she felt about her,and maybe,finally,she might get what she wanted in life,london tipton as her girlfriend and lover,that would truly be the best birthday present a girl could get,at least to maddie it would be.

"i'd love to come over,im in the bath right now so it may take me a while to get over there,gotta get clean,get dressed,then lock the place up and walk down the block to the hotel"

"thats fine,when you get here just go to the reception and tell them your here to spend the day with me,they allready know your coming,i told them you would be last night"

" told them last night even though i might've said no ?"

"you wouldnt've said no,though,you said yes,so i was right to tell them you'd be coming,after all,it is me,hehe"

"your so lucky your so damn adorable and that i've not seen you in ages,london,see ya soon !"

"bye bye maddie !"

the call then cut off,maddie smiled as she cleaned herself rather quickly,not wanting to waste too much time,she then got out of the bath,grabbed her towel and phone and went back into her main room,dried herself with her towel and then put on some of her favourite,most luxury lingerie she had,some red velvet stuff she had bought,then put on a crop top and booty shorts,rainbow socks and her sneakers,grabbed a baseball cap and went over to put on some lip balm before looking in her big mirror by her bed.

"by my standards,i look good,but im sure by london's standards,i look like i need a huge makeover,heh,well,i look foward to her telling me that,actually,im just looking foward to spending some alone time with her"

maddie smiled,then grabbed her handbag,put her phone and purse in it,zipped it up then put on her jacket and put her handbag over her shoulder,grabbed her keys and walked out of her room,closed and locked the door then walked off down the hallway,as she did she thought of how awesome it was going to be to finally see london again,it'd been close to probably 7 months since she'd last seen her in person,so this was going to be a great birthday for her,regardless of whether or not she managed to confess her love for her to her.

"ugh,these stairs,i swear we need an elevator in this place,at least there's gonna be one at the tipton when i get there,london will never use the stairs,i'm still glad that part of her never changed,heh"

maddie said as she walked down flights of stairs to get to the bottom of the apartment block she lived in,sure,it didnt take her that long,but it was 5 flights of stairs,and she really would have prefered an elevator,but still,it was good and healthy to walk more rather then take short cuts,she figured as she got to the bottom,stopping for a moment to catch her breath.

"heh,fuck,i need to work out more,heh"

she smirked and opened the building door and began walking down the street,smiling,the tipton hotel was near the end of the block,she had a rather long path to walk,but it was fine,if she could make it down flights of stairs,she could walk a long path to get to london and the tipton hotel,she had to walk there every morning anyway when she worked there.

"maybe i could stop for something to-oh,phone's ringing again,wonder if it's london again ?"

sure enough,as she got her phone out of her bag,it was indeed london this time as she checked it before answering.

"hey london,im just on my way now,what's up ?"

"im sooooo sorry to ask you this,but could you please stop by the shops and get us a bottle of lemonade ? i know this sounds extremely ridiculous,but we seriously dont have any at all here in the hotel,and i really want some for when you get over here,for us both to drink,you know ?"

"heh,it's fine london,i was just gonna stop at the shops anyway,i'll get it,see you soon"

"bye maddie ! and thanks !"

after london clicked the call off,maddie's smile grew as she laughed for a moment and then walked into a corner store,found a bottle of cheap lemonade and paid for it,put it in a bag and then walked out with it,thankfully,even though the thing was kinda heavy,and hurting her arms holding it,she didnt have much further to walk,and soon enough,she had crossed the road and was walking up the steps to,and inside the main door to,the tipton hotel,smiling when she finally got inside,it looked like nothing had changed at all,she walked up to the front desk like london told her to do,and said to the lady behind there.

"hi,im maddie fitzpatrick,london's friend,she said to come here and tell you that im here when i got here"

"oh yes,she told us last night you were coming over for the day to stay the night,let me let miss tipton know your here,please go and sit down on one of the sofas and im sure she'll be here shortly"

nodding happily,maddie walked over to a sofa and sat down,putting the bag holding the lemonade bottle next to her,she got her phone out of her bag and went online surfing the internet,waiting for london to come down,and after putting her phone back in her bag after 5 minutes,she got up when she heard someone running,and soon enough,arms were wrapped around her and a body was pressing against her,it was london,and maddie was so happy to finally see her again.

"maddie ! im so glad your here,i missed you"

"i missed you a whole lot more,london,believe me,when your used to being around someone pretty much every day of your life,when your not around them that much anymore,it feels so weird"

"i know,i miss that as well,but your here now,and it's your birthday,and your present is waiting upstairs,so let me get that bag and let's go up in the elevator !"

"if there's one thing i miss about this place a small bit more then you,it's the elevators"

"hehe,i knew you would,come on,let's go !"

smiling and linking arms with london,who had grabbed the bag with the lemonade bottle in it,the two friends walked over towards a white door elevator,which was one reserved for london to use,as it went straight up to her room and opened up into it,as they got into it and the door closed,maddie smiled as she pressed the button for london's room,london being the first to talk.

"i hope you like your present when i show you it when we get upstairs to my room,i cant wait to give you it,i hope it makes up for me not having been there for you much as a friend lately"

"hey,just being able to see you and talk to you more then makes up for that,im sure you have a perfectly good reason london and whatever it is,im fine with it,your my best friend,you dont need to explain anything to me,you know that,right ?"

"well,i do now,but still,i feel like i owe you an explanation,and i'll give you one when we get to my room,after all,your my best friend,and i've felt so bad not talking to you"

seeing london looking like she was begining to get upset,maddie immediatly hugged her and put her hand under her face and tilted her head up to see maddie's,so maddie could say.

"hey,like i said,it's fine,promise me you wont get upset,if not for you,for me ?"

"ok,i promise i wont get upset about it"

"much better,this is meant to be my birthday,a day for us to catch up and have fun,not for me to babysit the blubbering tipton heiress again for the millionth time !"

"hey ! meanie hehe"

both london and maddie laughed,london sticking her tounge out at maddie as the elevator finally stopped at the top floor and opened up into london's huge,luxury room,the two walked in,london putting the lemonade bottle bag on a table near her big heart shaped bed,maddie wondering why she had one of those in her room,but hey,a heart shaped bed could come in handy later if she managed to tell london how she felt about her,but as the two friends sat on it and london grabbed a smallish box with a gold ribbon on it,maddie said to her.

"is that my birthday present ?"

"yeah,i really hope you like it !"

maddie smiled as london handed her the box,maddie was sure whatever it was she would love it,as it was from london,and so,as she undone the gold ribbon,putting it in her handbag with the other piece of ribbon she had from earlier,she opened the box,and was amazed at what was inside,a ruby ring,a diamond necklace with her name spelt out in diamond and a bracelet with golden engraved writing which said maddie and london forever on it,maddie couldnt believe london had gotten these for her for her birthday,she was touched,and so happy.

"oh,wow,london,i....i dont know what to say,just,wow"

"do you like them ?"

"yeah,i do,these had to cost you a fortune,though"

"im rich,it didnt bother me what they cost,though,i had the necklace and bracelet custom made for you,see,i have a similar necklace with my name on it,and a bracelet with the same writing engraved on it,it's a friendship bracelet,to signify that we're the best of friends,forever,and the ring,well,it's so you have something else that's special and beautiful,and so that when you look at it,hopefully it reminds you of me,your friend"

"london,you,your so amazing,when i first met you,you never would have ever done this for me,but now,you've grown so much,i am so happy i spent so much time getting to know you and becoming your friend,god i've missed you,london"

overcome with emotion and happiness,maddie wrapped her arms around london and pulled her in for a hug,both women smiling,after they hugged london put maddie's new necklace on her,then maddie put on the ring and bracelet and looked at herself in london's big mirror.

"do you think i look good with it on london ?"

"i think you look fabulous maddie with them,but you looked amazing without them as well"

"once again,you never would have said that when i first met you,you really have grown,london"

"i had to sometime,and i had the best teacher to help me grow,my best friend in the world,you,maddie"


maddie blushed crimson as she sat down next to london again on the bed,maddie knew now was the time,she had to tell london how she felt about her,this was the right moment to do it,she couldnt not tell her,she wasnt going to mess up,she was going to say exactly how she felt to her.

"london,you know we're best friends,and best friends can tell each other anything,right ?"

"yeah,why ? do you wanna tell me something maddie ?"

"yeah,but,it's something that i've been keeping from telling anyone really,anyone and everyone beacuse,well....promise me you wont laugh"

"why would i laugh at you maddie ?"

"well,i guess,here,i,i,oh fuck it,i'll show you"

maddie wrapped her arms around london and pulled her in for a kiss,a kiss which london returned as the two passionatly made out,maddie shocked london didnt push her away or try and stop her,the two's eyes closed as they passionatly and lovingly made out,it felt so good to finally be kissing the woman she had fallen in love with,maddie had wanted to do this for so long,and it lasted for what seemed like a blissful eternity,but what was in fact 20 minutes before the two had to seperate for air,gasping,they got their breath,before maddie said.

"i,i,i love you,london tipton,and i have for years now,i never stopped falling in love with you,i've just never had the courage to tell you,until today"

"im glad you are,maddie,beacuse im in love with you,as well"

"you are ?"

"yeah,you see,thats the reason why i've avoided talking to you for such a long time,i just,i didnt know how to tell you,i thought that you'd make fun of me for falling in love with you and that you'd never accept your best friend as your girlfriend,there was so many nights i cried myself to sleep,knowing i didnt have the courage to tell you the truth"

",i,i had no idea......i felt the exact same way,honestly,it's scary how we both felt the same way about one another,but,london,i love you,and i want to be with you"

there was silence between the two of them for a brief moment,maddie wondered what was going through london's head at the time,and then london finally broke the silence,saying.

"i want the same thing,maddie,i love you so much,i never want you to go away,ever again,i never want you to not be in my arms when i wake up,i never want you to not be in my life ever again,i need you to be with me,i,i want you to live here,with me,and be with me,maddie,please,say yes"

"yes,yes yes yes a thousand times yes !"

a smile grew on both maddie and london's faces as the two happy best friends,now girlfriends started to make out again,finally,maddie had exactly what she wanted,this was her dream come true,to be with london,and as they made out,maddie found her hands roaming london's body,and soon,tearing off london's expensive clothes,throwing them to the floor,only letting her lingerie survive,being gentle with it and letting it fall gently onto the heart shaped bed,leaving london nude,london blushing as maddie looked her girlfriend and lover over,london's beautiful nude body,her firm breasts,delicious pussy and cute ass a huge turn on to maddie as she licked her lips at what she saw.

"mmmmmmm,i've wanted to see you naked for so long,london"

"i,i,oh god,maddie,i,do i look,good ?"

"london,you look fucking gorgeous,it's ok,dont blush,let me do all the hard work,i want you to enjoy what's going to happen,after all,this is my birthday,and i've just unwrapped my beautiful present,my girlfriend,and now im going to unwrap your present for you,me,your girlfriend,hehe"

as london blushed harder,maddie slowly removed her clothing,throwing it all to the ground apart from her lingerie,which she let fall on the bed,and soon enough,she was nude,london able to see maddie's firm breasts,delicious pussy and ass,london had never seen another woman nude,but she liked seeing maddie nude,she was transfixed by the sight of her best friend and girlfriend's nude body,and maddie could tell as she smiled.

"i know i like what i see,do you like what you see london babe ?"

"i,i,i do,yes,you look so beautiful,maddie,i cant believe im going to get to wake up next to you every morning,it's gonna be so awesome,so amazing,so fun"

"hehe,oh,the fun part is just about to start,dont think ahead just yet,babe"

london gasped as maddie suddenly pinned her down on the bed,grinned and straddled her,she then began to slowly grind their pussies together,making both maddie and london moan and groan in absolute pleasure as maddie was finally getting her dream come true,fucking the woman who she not only loved,but was now dating,as their pussies grinded,and london bucked her hips,maddie also began to grope and play with london's breasts,rubbing london's nipples with her thumbs,causing london to bite her lip cutely and let out another moan as she grabbed maddie's ass and groped and squeezed it,clearly,the two lovers had both wanted this for a long time,and now they were finally getting it,they were loving it.

"ahhhhhhh,oh,god,fuck,mmmmmm,oh london,mmmmmm,this is,mmmmmm,everything i ever dreamed about,and so much more,mmmmm"

"m,m,maddie,mmmmmmmmmmm,ahhhhhh,i,this feels so good,and so new,mmmmmmm,please,ahhhhhh,dont hold back,mmmmmm,i've wanted this just as much as you have"

hearing those words from the once completely dumb tipton heiress,maddie's smile grew as she began grinding faster against her pussy,both of them begining to get wet as she did,they were both bucking their hips wildly as the grinding sped up slowly,maddie could also feel london's nipples slowly begining to get hard,both women were grunting and moaning and maddie herself was panting,she had never done this before so she never had learned how to pace herself,but exhaustion was something that wasnt fazing her at all,if anything,it was spurring her on to pleasure london and herself even more,seeing london's body begining to glisten with sweat,maddie ramped up her pace,causing london's allready wild hip bucking as their pussies grinded furiously to become even more wild,both women were very horny by this point.

"ahhhh,hahhhhh,oooooo,maddie,mmmmmmm,god,that,ahhhh,oh,yeah,right there,mmmmm,dont stop,mmmmmmmmm"

"god,i've,mmmmmmmm,wanted to hear you like,mmmmmm,ahhhhhh,this for so,mmmmm,long london,it's such a turn on,mmmm"

"hehe,ahhhhhh,well,your,very,mmmmmm,good at,turning me on,maddie,mmmmmmmm"

maddie was in heaven right now,going faster and faster,harder and harder grinding against her lover and girlfriend,london,who's pussy was as wet as hers was,both women were extremely horny right now and even london was panting now,but she showed no signs of slowing down her extremely wild hip bucking,for someone who's first time it was having sex,just like maddie herself,london was very good at it,and as london continued to squeeze and grope maddie's ass,and maddie continued rubbing london's now rock hard nipples and squeezing her breasts,the two sex crazed,star crossed lovers were begining to build towards having an orgasam,they werent even close yet,but they were getting there,maddie could see a look of pure erotic bliss in london's eyes,which was a huge turn on for maddie,knowing she could get london this horny and that she was able to sexually pleasure her and please her this much let her know that no matter what,maddie can allways make london very happy by having sex with her.


"i dont,ahhhhhhh,plan on it,mmmmmmmm,but,i,do have,mmmmm,an idea,ahhhh,let's,ahhhhh,69,babe"


smirking,maddie then manourvered her pussy to london's face,and began eating out london's soaking wet pussy,london doing the same to maddie,the two devouring one another hungrily,nonstop,both managing to constantly hit one another's sweet spots over and over and over again,maddie was in such a sexual,pussy eating frenzy that all she could really do was moan and groan,as was london,both of them were so turned on by the erotic scents of one another's soaking wet pussies that they were driven sexually crazy,bucking their hips wildly as they bought one another closer and closer to climax,maddie getting hooked on london's delicious,posh,rich pussy and london devouring maddie's sweet,delicious,candy like pussy.

"mmmmmmmmmm,mmmmmmm mmmmmm maddie mmmmmmm !!!!"

"london,ahhhhhh,mmmmmm,fuck,ahhhhh,so,fucking,tasty,ahhhh,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!"

london and maddie were being driven sexually made and extremely sexually hungry by the soaking wetness of one another's pussies,which they were devouring with such a hunger and such a ferocity that their hips couldnt match one another's pace,the two were so turned on and so sexually driven that they were becoming sex crazed,pussy eating pros by this point,london wanted nothing more then maddie's pussy in her mouth,knowing she had to pleasure maddie so much and extremely well beacuse it was her birthday,after all,whereas maddie just wanted to eat london out nonstop,if she could,and it was getting to the point where the two could do it all day long if they wanted to.



both of them were now extremely close to climaxing,and maddie knew that she was not only extremely turned on by london's new,erotic state of mind and her words,but she knew also this would be the ultimate birthday present,to be made to climax by her new girlfriend and lover london,and to force london to do the same thing,knowing they were both virgins and that maddie owned london's virginity made it all the sweeter as the two finally,violently climaxed inside one another's mouth,letting out loud moans of pleasure before licking and swallowing all of the cum inside of their mouths,the two then laid next to one another on the bed,exhausted and tired out,happily smiling at one another,maddie was the first to talk,near breathless,but so happy,she said.

"london,you've made me so happy,do you know how many times i've dreamt of this,it's been so many times i lost count,i cant believe that we're finally together,finally,after so long a time,after knowing for you so many years,i finally get to be with you,the woman i fell in love with,the woman who's smile alone makes me know that no matter what happens,no matter the hardships in life that comes my way,i'll get through it all,beacuse every morning from now on,i'll wake up here,next to you,in this bed,seeing your beautiful smile"

"awwwww,maddie.....i love you,so much,im never,ever,ever letting you go ever again,not ever,i know it's only like 11 am now,and we've got the whole day ahead of us,so there's a ton more birthday celebrating we have to do,but first thing tomorow,we're getting your stuff from your apartment moved here,and letting your landlord know your moving here now,your going to live the suite life with me,hehe,oh,and in an hour or so,after we snuggle,we're so going shopping and buying you so many more pressies,and i wont take no for an answer,you deserve everything im going to buy you"

"who said i was going to say no ?,you know,when i woke up this morning,i never thought i'd wind up here,next to you,having made love to you and being able to call you my best friend/lover/girlfriend,this really,truly is the best birthday i could have ever asked for,and it's not even over yet,hehe"

smiling,both london and maddie snuggled,maddie holding london close to her and making out with her,maddie's life was now truly complete with london back in it,and not just back in it,but london being her lover and girlfriend meant maddie knew her life would allways be amazing from that point on,london herself was happy that she was with maddie,and never did let her go ever again,and,of course,they did indeed go shopping later that day for more presents for maddie,but that's another story for another time ! all that matters now,is that they lived happily ever after.
I Never Stopped Falling In Love With You
Hi Everyone ! This Is A Story I Have Been Meaning To Do For Years Now,But Constantly Put Off Due To Mostly Lazyness And Other Things,I've Allways Loved The Idea Of London And Maddie From The Suite Life Being A Couple,And So,Finally,Thanks To Having Inspiration For My Final Scene From A Commision That Was Done For Me By :iconreaperx15: Ages Ago (Back In 2013 To Be Exact,Yes,I Am That Lazy Lol) Right Here >… < I Finally Decided To Do This !

I Loved How Both My Story And The Commisioned Picture Turned Out,Please Do Check Out The Picture When You Get To The Last Scene To See What I Had Imagined Back Then For It,This Was So Much Fun To Write,It's Set After The Finale Of The Suite Life On Deck,A Few Years Later To Be Exact,So Yeah,Enjoy !
I'm Putting This Here For Anyone Who May Want To Keep Track Of The Release Slate Of All Marvel Related Superhero Movies,Not Just The Main MCU But The Sony & Fox Produced Movies As Well,This Will Get Updated Whenever New Information Comes Out Regarding Marvel Produced Movies Heading Into The Future.

Movies Set For Release In 2015
Avengers,Age Of Ultron [Released]
July 17th-Ant Man (End Of MCU Phase 2)
August 7th-Fantastic Four

Movies Set For Release In 2016
February 12th-Deadpool
May 6th-Captain America,Civil War (Begining Of MCU Phase 3,Possible Appearance By New Rebooted SpiderMan ?)
May 27th-X Men Apocalypse
October 27th-Gambit
November 4th-Doctor Strange
November 11th-The Sinister Six (Possibly Cancelled Or Delayed ?)

Movies Set For Release In 2017
March 3rd-The Wolverine Sequel
May 5th-Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
June 2nd-Fantastic Four Sequel
July 28th-SpiderMan (Sony/Marvel Produced Reboot,First Appearance In Civil War ?)
November 3rd-Thor Ragnarok

Movies Set For Release In 2018
May 4th-Avengers Infinity War Part 1
July 6th-Black Panther
November 2nd-Captain Marvel

Movies Set For Release In 2019
May 3rd-Avengers Infinity War Part 2 (Possible End Of Phase 3 ?)
July 12th-The Inhumans (Possible End Of Phase 3 Or Possible Begining Of Phase 4)
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Huge Fan Of Wrestling,The Walking Dead,Black Sails,Game Of Thrones,Marvel,DC & Many,Many Other Things !

I Also LOVE Writing,Its One Of My Few Passions In Life And You'll Find Many Fanfictions Of Mine Here On My DA !

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