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(Contains: sexual themes)
Sexual Mari Lust Bang-A Smosh Fanfiction By Omegatwilight

Rating-Mature (Contains Breast Expansion,Lactation,Drug Use)
Pairing-Mari Takahashi & Seraphim Omega (OC)

Disclaimer-No I Dont Own Mari Or Any Other Trademarks That May Appear In This Fanfiction (The Only Things I Do Own Are The Plot & My OC),None Of The Following Events Have Ever Happened Or Ever Will Happen And I Dont Profit From This Fanfiction Either

Plot-Ever Since Losing Her Job,Her Friends And Her Boyfriend,Mari Takahashi Has Gone On A Downward Spiral,Becoming A Sex Addicted Hooker,Selling Her Body And Nude Pictures Of Herself Online In Order To Make Just Enough To Keep Her House And Afford To Pay Bills,But Lately,She's Getting No Interest From Anyone-But One Day,When A Friend From Her Past Arrives,Will He Be The Help She Needs,Or Will He Send Her Further Down The Path She's On ?

"ugh,come on,there should be a ton of people that want to fuck me,i've seen so many people commenting on my facebook photos thousands of times they want to,why dont they now !"

the frustrated words of mari takahashi,it was a beautiful monday afternoon,and the former youtuber was sitting alone in her bedroom looking at a website screen on her iphone,ever since mari lost her job with smosh on youtube when they hired dodger to take her place,mari had failed to find a new job,as seemingly no other youtube network wanted to hire her or needed her help,causing mari to fall into a spiral of sex addiction,causing her to feed her addiction and to earn money by whoring her body out online for fair prices and also selling nude pictures of herself as well online.

"i need the money,i really,really need the money,as much as i need a dick in me right now,hell i'd settle for a girl fucking me if it meant i got some money and some fucking sex right about now"

mari had lost herself in her new found passion,the old mari was buried deep somewhere inside of her mind,sure,some of her quirkiness still sometimes shone,but what was on the surface was a sex addicted asian woman who had no qualms about using her body to get what she wanted,and,for a while,a year,it worked to perfection.

"how can such a good thing not be working anymore ? all of those geeks and perverts out there that dreamt of fucking me and seeing me nude finally get that oppertunity but now they dont want it anymore ? what the hell is their problem !"

mari didnt want to have to resort to finger fucking herself again just to get the sexual pleasure she craved,as much as she barely had morals anymore,she still had some pride,and didnt feel that she should have to fuck herself in order to get what she needed,but the hungry for sex former youtuber was begining to wonder whether she should give up on trying to have pride and just give into her urges.

"if i dont make some money soon,im gonna get kicked out,and then i wont have anywhere to go,it's not like i have any friends anymore,nobody would want to let me stay with them now that i do what i do,i guess the least i can do is pleasure myself and hope for the best that something good happens to me"

laying back on her bed,mari began flicking through the apps on her phone,whilest sliding one hand down her body,through her jeans and to her pussy,she had no lingerie on,and,as she began to tease herself whilest loading up facebook,rubbing her pussy with three fingers,the asian couldnt help but moan happily and lustily,it felt good,even if this wasnt how she wanted it,it would satiate her,for now at least.

"oh,oh god,mmmmmmm,it's,ahhhhh,been a while since i,mmmmmm,did this"

as she continued to moan and groan over and over,the facebook app on her phone loaded up,and as it did,mari noticed that she had a friend request,she figured it was a fan,so as she went to click on it to block it off for now,she saw a familiar name and face in the picture with said name,and mari immediatly accepted it.

"oh,ahhhh,my fucking god,mmmmmmm,fuck,seraphim omega,my old childhood friend from school and college,he found me on facebook,mmmmm,i wonder if he's online"

forcing herself to stop touching herself,despite how good it made her felt,at least for the time being,mari checked the list of people online,and saw omega was,indeed,online,and she instantly messaged him,typing.

"oh my god,omega ! i cant believe it's you,i've not seen you in ages,how did you find me here on facebook ?"

it didnt take long for her friend to reply to her message,his reply being.

"well,i just typed in your name to be honest and i remembered what you looked like,but im glad to be able to talk to my best friend,im back living in town,so if your not doing anything today,i'd love to come over and see my friend and catch up with you"

omega wanted to come over and see her ? omega was her best friend,and as much as mari wanted to see him,she also didnt want him to know how far she had fallen,she knew omega wouldnt judge her for it,but she herself would be embarassed,but,there was also a part of her that hoped that,maybe,omega would be willing to fuck her,and help her out financially,after all,from what she's seen on his facebook profile,he seems very wealthy,and still single,so,against her better judgement,thinking more of her needs,mari replied to him.

"sure,come on over,you know where i live,it'll be fun seeing you again !"

a few minutes passed and mari didnt get a reply,she wondered if omega had somehow found out about her new life and decided she wasnt worth seeing,but,just as she was about to give up hope,he replied to her,saying.

"sorry for the delay in this reply,was signing for a delivery,i'll be over in around 20 minutes,i hope you have some cola and crisps beacuse im starving !"

smiling,mari got up and changed into a crop top,showing off her body and her big breasts,still not wearing a bra,and the shortest short shorts she had,of course not wearing a thong and showing off her fat ass as well,she put on some slutty red lipstick,she planned on hopefully at least getting her friend to agree to paying to fuck her,possibly on a regular basis so she had a steady flow of money,but she knew she couldnt open with that,she'd have to work it into the conversation.

"i think i look fucking irresistable,i hope he doesnt take too long to get here,i know he said 20 minutes but if he gets caught in traffic and what not,ahhh i need to stop worrying,i need to go and get some things ready"

mari,after adjusting her crop top,walked out of her room,iphone in hand in case omega messaged her again,and began walking downstairs,once down there she went to her kitchen and started to look through her cupboards,she had the essentials still,thankfully,she'd allways made sure to buy enough to last her for a few months,and as she grabbed two bags of crips and two bottles of diet cola,she went and sat in her front room on the sofa,waiting for her friend to arrive.

"it's only been a few minutes,i hate waiting,hopefully he gets here quicker !"

mari didnt want to have to resort to playing with herself again to pass the time until omega got there,so she drank some of her diet cola and had a few crisps,and turned on the tv,sighing as time seemed to be going slower and slower,and omega still wasnt there by the time 17 minutes had passed,mari getting rather impatient and contemplating getting her vibrator to tide herself over.

"i swear,if he isnt here soon i'm goi-oh god,he's here !"

hearing a knock at the door,mari excitedly and happily jumped up,ran over to the front door and opened it,and as soon as she saw her handsome best friend,omega,standing there,she pulled him into her house,closed the door and immediatly wrapped her arms around him,hugging him before he could get the chance to react,making him smile,though,as he hugged her back.

"someone's happy to see me"

"of course i am ! it's been like,fucking forever since i last saw you !"

omega giggled,mari could feel the bulge in his jeans as her body was pressing up against his in the hug,clearly,she was allready turning him on,then again,she allways was able to turn omega on,as from the moment they met when they were young,omega had allways had a crush on her,but she never had the heart to act on it,prefering not to lose him as a friend if something bad would've happened in their relationship,but now they were both older,she didnt care about that.

"well your right about that,you've definatly changed,you wouldnt have worn stuff like this when you were younger,heh"

"dont you like it ?"

"i didnt that say stupid face"

"hey ! i am not a stupid face !"

both stuck their tounge out at one another and laughed,mari was genuinely happy that omega was here,right now he was the only real friend she had,so she really didnt want to mess this up,though she knew she had an advantage in knowing omega still seemingly had a crush on her,that,or at least her appearance was making him horny,though he wouldnt show it right now.

"so,you coming in the front room ? i got you a pack of crisps and a bottle of cola in there"

"diet cola ? im trying to stay fit,i was working out earlier today in my gym"

"of course it's diet cola ! now come in before i drag you in silly"

omega walked into mari's front room,and as he did,mari locked the front door,then walked in and sat next to him on the sofa,she drank from her bottle of cola,omega allready having ate his bag of crisps,apparently he wasnt kidding when he said he was hungry,mari thought to herself as she smiled at him,then said.

"so,what've you been doing since i last saw you ?"

"well,i've become a successful rich buisnessman,i started off by getting a home gym to work my body into shape,working out every day,then i started to model stuff for various male clothing and underwear,eventually earning enough money to start my own online healthy eating and workout routines buisness,i earn so much every year and i keep in great shape"

"WOW ! the omega i knew back when we were kids never would've wanted to work that hard,you were happy being a little chubby back then,what changed your mind and made you want to look good ? not that,i mean,you didnt allready,gosh darn it"

"heh heh,it's ok mari"

smiling a genuine smile,omega reassured mari that he wasnt mad or angry at her,mari was genuinely curious about why omega wanted to change who he was,beacuse the omega she knew was very comfortable with his body,but this omega,he was a studly,muscular model of a man,so much hotter then when she last saw him,she was trying hard not to show she was getting hot and bothered over it.

"honestly,when you started doing your own thing after college,i thought to myself that if i ever saw you again,i'd want to be in better shape,i felt that,well,maybe if i got into better shape,one day i might stand a chance with you,so i worked my rear end off so i could achieve the perfect body"

"oh, did this for me ?"

"yeah,i did,you know i've allways loved and cared about you,mari,and i allways will,i will never stop loving you,but if we're just meant to be friends,im fine with that"

mari blushed crimson,finding herself even more turned on then before,the fact that omega had changed who he was for her was so amazing,the fact that he worked so hard to sculpt his body into the amazing,strong,muscular figure that it is now just so he might be able to be with her,it was such a turn on for mari.

"omega,thats....that's so,so,so sweet,i,i dont know what to say..."

"you dont have to say anything now,think about it,whilest you do,there's a question i need to ask you"

"huh ? what is it ?"

"well,i've been hearing these rumours lately about you.."

oh,god,mari didnt like the sound of this,if omega had heard of what she had been doing to keep a roof over her head,was omega about to get angry with her for whoring herself out ? no,no,he couldnt be,omega had just said he'd allways love and care about her,if he was angry with her,he wouldnt have said that,right ?

"what rumours ?"

"people have been saying to me that my old friend mari lost her job as a youtuber and that she turned to selling her body online to anyone who wanted to pay to fuck her,and that apparently you lost your friends and nearly everything else,now,i've refused to believe that's true,but i want you to be honest with me,and remember,i wont judge you if it is,i just want to hear it from you,and if it is true,why would you let yourself spiral into something like this ?"

so he had heard what she was doing,still,he wasnt mad at her,and just wanted to hear it from her,so she may as well tell him,hopefully if she is honest with him,she might still be able to get him to agree to pay her to fuck her,somehow.

"well,they're not rumours,they're see,the youtube channel that i worked for,smosh,they hired someone to take my place,dodger,another girl,and i reacted badly,bad mouthing them and burning bridges,so to speak,i started using my vibrator to fuck myself to keep my mind off of the fact i suddenly couldnt find a job with any other youtube network,and soon,i got addicted to sex,and i badly needed money,so....."

"you started selling your body and nude pictures of yourself online ?"


"mari,it's ok,to be honest with you,i knew it was true,one of my friends was someone who had bought a nude picture from you and showed me it and he was also the guy who told me what you were doing,so,i decided to come here and make you an offer,something which will benefit us both,if you accept it"

"huh ? an offer ?"

omega allready knew ? and he wanted to make her an offer which would benefit them both ? mari was even more curious then before,she needed to know what omega's offer was,especially if it was one which might mean she could be financially secure,or at least make some money from her friend.

"your a sex addict now,and you need money to be secure and not lose your house,right ?"


"well,what if i said my offer can give you both ?"

"it can ? go on,im listening"

"heh,good,now,i've got this legally binding contract thing written up at home,which is a 20 minute drive from here,which,if you sign,you sign yourself away to me as my property,i would own you,and be able to fuck you whenever i want and however i want,and you'd have no say whatsoever in the matter,but,you would have access to a special bank account i'd make for you which would have money put into it every month,so you'd have your own money to spend,of course,though,you'd be living with me,and you'd also have to do as your told with no questions asked,but,if you think about it,im rich,your a sex addict,if you say yes,we both win"

that offer of omega's sounded too good to refuse,sure,if she signed it,mari was basically signing herself and her free will and freedom away to omega,but,having financial security and living with the man who will be fucking her most likely every day is a very good trade off for that,mari knew her answer straight away.

"yes,i'd love that,i want to be yours,omega,i want your cock in me,so badly,i need it in me"

"oh,i know,mari,but before that,we have to go to my house,we'll start moving your stuff to my place tomorow,for now,we have to get you to sign the contract,then i'll give you what you want,and get what i want from you,ok ?"

"ok,fine,let's just hurry up and get there,ok ? i'm really fucking horny right now,i wanna tear your clothes off and look at that body of yours and get your dick in me"

"yup,your definatly not the mari i knew growing up,heh heh"

smirking,mari and omega got up,walking hand in hand to her door,which she unlocked,and when he opened it,her eyes went wide seeing his lambourghini galladro,he really was rich,and not just rich,rich rich !


"and that's just my first car,heh heh"

--20 Minutes Later--

after a fun 20 minute drive,omega and mari arrived at omega's house,mari was stunned at how fancy it looked from the outside,and,as they got out of his lambo,he walked over with her to the front door,opened it,and said.

"ladies first"

"why thank you,your such a gentleman,omega"

the two giggled as mari walked in first,followed by omega who locked the door shut tight as mari gazed at the amazingly beautiful and decorated lavish house that omega had,he really was filthy rich,and mari couldnt believe this was where she was going to be living from now on when she signed that contract.

"so,where's the ruddy contract ? i want to get it signed and get fucked,pronto !"

"ha ! the contract is in a safe in my basement,go upstairs and go into the door on the left with the picture of a falcon on it and you'll find my room,i'm going to get the contract and a special box,wont be too long,ok ?"

"fine !"

mari walked off upstairs as omega walked off in a different direction,and as mari got upstairs,she found the door with the falcon picture on it,opened it up and was gobsmacked at how awesome omega's room looked,it had a huge bed,a huge plasma screen tv,a sky box,many,many game consoles and games,omega really had done well for himself,and soon,mari would be part of his life,and be rich,and getting her addiction satiated every single day,after all,a sex addiction is one of the most pleasurable addictions there is.

"i definatly want to sit on that bed,it looks so comfy"

mari jumped on the bed,spread her arms and legs out on it and sighed happily,smiling,she was going to be fine,just fine,better then fine,her life from now on was going to be fucking perfect thanks to omega.

"enjoying how soft and big my bed is ?"

mari turned her head to see omega standing in the door way with a padlocked wooden box with a key in the padlock and a piece of paper on top of the box,omega walked over to the bed as mari sat up on it,and he sat next to her and handed her the piece of paper,which had to be the contract,and a pen.

"im assuming you dont want to read through it,right ?"

"of course i dont,where do i sign ?"

omega showed here 4 pages she had to sign on,which she did,happily,and he then smirked and said.

"excellent,i'll just put this away for now and then,before you get fucked,there's the matter of what's in the box to tell you about"

"fine,but can i finally take my clothes off at least ?"

"sure,your mine now so i was going to say you had to do that anyway"

as she took her clothes off,leaving herself fully nude,mari wondered how omega had managed to write a contract that was legally binding,and assumed he had contacts in high places,or people that owed him favours that made it legal,though,honestly she didnt care if it was or wasnt,she was his now,his piece of meat to do with as he pleased,and it made her even more horny thinking about it.

"before you tell me what's in that box,just how did you get that contract made ? like,it's legal,right ?"

"of course it is,i had a few friends in the legal system that owed me favours,all of which i called in to make it as legal as possible,it has all of the stamps and approvals needed to be 100 percent legal,so yes,relax,now,this box"

omega,licking his lips looking at mari in the nude,a sight he never thought he would see,opened the wooden box,mari saw inside a few different syringes with different coloured liquids in them,she wondered what he was going to do with them,and if they were going into her for some reason.

"these are specially made,very unique drugs that i had made a while ago,this golden liquid one,the last out of the two made,the other of which went into me,allows a human to live forever,no longer aging nor feeling pain,of course,when it gets injected into you,you'll feel one last sharp pain,but then you'll feel relaxed,and be immortal,like me"


omega injected the syringe into mari's neck,causing her to feel a sharp pain before feeling nauseous for a moment,then feeling relaxed,she was now immortal,she couldnt believe it,this meant she could have sex forever and would never age,ever again,this was amazing !

"feel any different ?"

"yeah,i do,i feel more superior,like nothing can touch me"

"it gives you that sort of feeling,heh,now,there's 3 more,the first two of them being these green liquid ones,these make your breasts even bigger,and also cause them to start producing milk,so you'll have huge,lactating breasts,which will be very fun to suck on and fuck"

omega injected the syringes into her breasts,and mari was amazed at how big they grew,she was barely able to hold them in her hands when they were done growing,but she liked it nonetheless,she had allways wanted huger tits anyway.

"wow,these are fucking HUGE,i love it !"

"i knew you would,now,this final one is another unique one,only one of it's kind left,it increases your allready stamina ten thousand fold so your big sexual appetite can continue to be filled nonstop for large portions of time,i've had the other one inside of me"

"ten thousand fold ? thats big,well,go on then,put it in me !"

smirking,omega injected mari with the final syringe,full of purple liquid,and it immediatly started taking effect,as omega could see the look in her eyes that she was ready for getting fucked nonstop and relentlessly,the only thing on mari's mind anymore was being fucked,being used as a sex toy and getting a cock inside of her right now,omega could see it in her eyes that mari was fully changed now into his immortal,sex hungry fuck toy,and so,he took off his clothes standing up,mari licking her lips seeing his huge cock,saying.

"fuck me allready ! i've waited patiently enough !"

"with pleasure"

mari layed down on the bed as omega straddled the sex crazed asian and immediatly began jackhammering his cock in and out of her pussy,hard and fast,making her moan and groan instantly in complete and utter lustful pleasure,omega grunting,enjoying mari's slutty,sexual moans as he also began groping and squeezing her huge tits,milk flowing out of them as he did,it wasnt long before he was sucking them like a madman,enjoying the taste of her huge tits and her milk,both of them were very much enjoying it.

"mmmmmmm,ahhhhh,fuck,mari,mmmmmmm,fuck,you,mmmm,sex crazed slut you,mmmmmm,taste so fucking good and your cunt is so fucking tight around my cock right now,mmmmmmmm,im getting harder with every thrust,ahhhh god,mmmmm"

"oh,god,mmmmmmmmm,i can feel you inside me fucking me,mmmmmmmm,oh god,oh fuck yeah,suck my slutty tits and fuck my slutty cunt,dont ever stop,mmmmmmmm,oh god,i needed this so badly,mmmmmm,ohhhh fuck fuck yeah !"

mari continued to moan and groan incomprehensible moans of pure lust and joy and pleasure and sexual fulfillment as she finally was getting what she so desperately needed and wanted,getting her wet pussy pounded by omega's jackhammer of a cock,a cock she knew that,now they were both immortals,she'd be enjoying forever,a thought that drove her even deeper down the spiral of her sex addiction,knowing she'd be able to have his meaty,long cock in her pussy,her ass and her throat whenever he felt like fucking her,as for omega,he was getting hornier and hornier as he continued pounding mari's wetter and wetter cunt,grunting like a man possessed as he also went to town on her huge tits,going back and forth,eagerly sucking down the milk from them,omega had wanted this for so long,and now that mari finally was his,he was never letting her go,and nobody would stop him from fulfilling his sexual desires,nobody,if they tried,he would show them true anger.

"ahhhhhh,god,your fucking,mmmmm,ahhhh,such a flexible sex slut,mari,mmmmmm,not only can you be fucked in multiple positions,you will be soon enough,mmmmmm,oh god,ahhhhh,mmmm,this milk,so,damn,tasty,mmmmmm"

"oh yeah,fuck,mmmm,thats right,drink it down,baby,it's soooooo fucking good for you,mmmmmmmm,oh,god,my fucking pussy is so fucking wet and feeling so fucking good right now,oh,god,mmmmmmmm,oh yeah,fuck me like im a dirty fucking slut omega,come on,fuck me !"

mari didnt need to tell omega twice,omega was ravenous as he went harder and faster fucking mari,who was begining to get close to climaxing,as was omega,but omega and mari was not going to let themselves climax just yet,oh no,they were both enjoying this far too much,mari beacuse this was the best sex she had in such a long time,and omega beacuse finally,all of his fantasies were being fullfilled,and he knew that he could keep on fulfilling them forever,a thought that drove him even more horny as he fucked mari's pussy as hard and as fast as he humanly could,sucking and gulping down milk from her fucking huge tits,mari was bucking her hips wildly trying to keep up with omega's rapid pace,and only just managing it.



both omega and mari were unable to hold it back any longer,and they finally climaxed,omega rather violently as he pulled his cock out and came all over mari,coating her in his cum from head to toe,then grabbing her head and forcing his cock inside,mari enjoying every moment as he filled her up with his delicious cum,eventually he was exhausted and sat there next to the cum covered sexual asian,mari was truly in her own type of heaven now,and it was a sexual one.

"do i look good covered in your cum babe ? cause i hope i do,i wanna be covered in it more often when we fuck"

"heh,oh mari,i fucking love you,and believe me,we have forever to constantly coat your beautiful body in my cum,so yes,you do,and it'll happen many,many more times,mari"

mari smiled,as did omega,the two took a short break during which omega took various pictures of his new cum covered love toy,mari,then they resumed fucking,for them both,their life was now complete,mari,despite the fact that many thought she had chosen the wrong path in her life,was very happy with the constant sex and being able to buy many nice things with the money her owner,omega gave her every month,and speaking of omega,he was truly happy to have mari all to himself,their constant sexual fun made him the world's most happiest man,and of course,in the end,the two continued to have sex,forever.
Sexual Mari Lust Bang
Hey Everyone ! i've been meaning to use this type of plot for a while now in a story,and i finally used it,with my favourite member of the youtube group smosh,mari,who is super adorable,i hope you all enjoy reading this story as much as i had fun and enjoyed writing it !
I'm Putting This Here For Anyone Who May Want To Keep Track Of The Release Slate Of All Marvel Related Superhero Movies,Not Just The Main MCU But The Sony & Fox Produced Movies As Well,This Will Get Updated Whenever New Information Comes Out Regarding Marvel Produced Movies Heading Into The Future.

Movies Set For Release In 2015
May 5th-Avengers,Age Of Ultron
July 17th-Ant Man (End Of MCU Phase 2)
August 7th-Fantastic Four

Movies Set For Release In 2016
February 12th-Deadpool
May 6th-Captain America,Civil War (Begining Of MCU Phase 3,Possible Appearance By New Rebooted SpiderMan ?)
May 27th-X Men Apocalypse
October 27th-Gambit
November 4th-Doctor Strange
November 11th-The Sinister Six (Possibly Cancelled Or Delayed ?)

Movies Set For Release In 2017
March 3rd-The Wolverine Sequel
May 5th-Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
June 2nd-Fantastic Four Sequel
July 28th-SpiderMan (Sony/Marvel Produced Reboot,First Appearance In Civil War ?)
November 3rd-Thor Ragnarok

Movies Set For Release In 2018
May 4th-Avengers Infinity War Part 1
July 6th-Black Panther
November 2nd-Captain Marvel

Movies Set For Release In 2019
May 3rd-Avengers Infinity War Part 2 (Possible End Of Phase 3 ?)
July 12th-The Inhumans (Possible End Of Phase 3 Or Possible Begining Of Phase 4)
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