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Hey Everyone !

I've Had Tons Of Ideas For Movies For Ages Now,And Never Really Thought About Putting Them Down Anywhere,But I Figured It Cant Hurt To Put Them All Here,This Might Get Updated From Time To Time With Any New Ideas I Get Based On Stuff I Read Or Watch,So Here Are Most Of Them,Hope Ya'll Like Em !

The Joker-Origins
I've Allways Thought That The Joker Deserves A Stand Alone Movie Based On His Origins,It Doesnt Even Have To Be Canon To The Current Cinematic Universe Beacuse As I Said,Stand Alone,Plus The Joker Himself Has Multiple Tales Of How He Become Himself.

After Heath Ledger's Amazing Portrayal Of The Joker In The Dark Knight,THAT Is The Only Type Of Joker I'd Like To See In The Movie,Plus,The Best Part Is You Wouldnt See The Joker Himself Until Further Into The Movie When He's Been Pushed Into Becoming The Joker,So It Does Indeed Focus On His Origins,And Can Feature Other Batman Villiains In Their Early Days In Cameos,Like Penguin For Instance,As Well As An Appearance By A Younger Commisioner Gordon-I'd Envision The Movie Being Like This Amazing Fan Made Movie Here > Joker Rising Link Called Joker Rising,Which Is An Amazingly Dark And Gritty Fan Telling Of How The Joker Came To Be,And,IMO,The Joker Should ALLWAYS Be The Dark,Insane,Twisted Joker,The Heath Ledger Version,After All,He's More Fun That Way.

Harley Quinn-Clown Princess Of Crime
The Title Could Probably Change,But The Premise Is Simple,A Stand Alone Movie About Joker's On Again Off Again Psychotic,Can You Really Call Her Girlfriend ? I Guess Infatuated Love Sick Follower Is More Appropriete,But A Harley Quinn Movie,Following Her Descent Into Madness,Possibly Following On From My The Joker-Origins Movie,Showing Her Meeting Joker As Harleen Quinzell,Falling In Love With Him And Then Helping Him Escape And Gradually Becoming The Harley We Know Today,Would Be Amazing.

Plus,As I've Said,You'd Be Able To See Harley Before She Became Psychotic,See Her More Human Side,Plus There's Allways The Possible Inclusion Of Poison Ivy & Catwoman To Explore How Their Friendship Came Around And Setup A Future Gotham City Sirens Movie.

Deadpool-The Man,The Myth,The Freaking Legend
I'm Damn Sure I'm Not The Only One Who'd LOVE To See A Deadpool Movie,Deadpool Recently Had His Own Game Come Out And It Was Amazing IMO,As Long As The Comedic,4th Wall Breaking Deadpool Is Used,And Not The Crappy One From Wolverine Origins,A Deadpool Movie Has The Potential To Be A Stand Alone Or Part Of The Canon Universe Classic,IMO.

Plus,It Doesnt Even Have To Be A Serious Movie,It Can Be A Comedy Superhero Movie With Deadpool Breaking The 4th Wall All The Time,You Can Have Cable In It,Wolverine,You Could Find A Suitable Nemesis For Him And Make It A Fun Movie Everyone Would Love,Beacuse,C'mon,Who Doesnt Love Deadpool ?

Angel-The Movie
I Allways Loved The Character Angel From Buffy,And Was Happy When I Found Out He Had A Spin Off Series Which Was A Lot More Darker And Grittier Then BTVS,I Own Every Season Of It On DVD,Though The Way It Ended Allways Did Have Me Wondering-What Would've Happened Had They Gotten That New Season ?

Of Course,There's The Graphic Novel Angel-After The Fall Explaining What Happens,And You Could In Effect Base The Movie On That,But In My Mind,It'd Be Angel And The Rest Of The Remaining Gang Fighting Against Wolfram & Heart And Their Monsters & Demons Trying To Save Their Home & Finally Take Them Down For Good,And,In The End,Angel Would Fulfill The Prophecy And Finally Become Human,And Could Live Happily With Buffy Or,Possibly Cordy If She Was Bought Back As Part Of His Reward,Which Would Make More Sense.

Doctor Who-The Movie
Yes,I Know There Was A Dr Who Movie Allready,BUT That Was Years Upon Years Ago Before The Series Revival,And Now With The 50th Anniversary Over & The Newest Doctor And Series Fast Approaching,Why Not Go All Out & Make A New Dr Who Movie ?

With The Wealth Of History In The DWU,You Could Come Up With An AMAZING Plot For Peter Capaldi's Dr & Clara To Do,Plus There's Also A Wealth Of Enemies,Some Obvious-The Master,Daleks,Davros,Cybermen And Some Not So Obvious-Omega,The Timelords Themselves,The Judoon,The Beast & Countless Others.

You Could Even Have The TV Series Itself Help Lead Into It-My Idea Would Be To Have The Doctor Finally Get Gallifrey Back,Only For The Timelords To Want To Destroy Earth After Either Having Gone Insane From Being Locked In Where Ever They Were After The Doctor Saved Gallifrey,Or From Having Been Taken Over By The Master,Which Is The More Likelier Plot IMO,Having The Doctor Face Off Against A Newly Regenerated Master Who Plans On Using Gallifrey & The Timelords To Take Over Not Just Earth But The Universe,Only For The Doctor To Have To Stop Him-It Would Be Epic,Especially With Today's Technology.

Lollipop Chainsaw-The Movie
Sure,The Game May Not've Been As Huge Of A Hit As The Makers May've Liked,But It Sure As Hell Has Spawned A Hell Of A Lot've Amazing Cosplay Of The Main Character,Juliette Starling,Plus There's Allready One Very Well Known Cosplayer Of Her,Jessica Nigri,A World Famous Cosplayer,Who They Could Bring In And She Could Easily Play That Role.

The Plot Would Be Easy,Just Adapt The Game Plot To The Movie,And You Have A Movie That I'm Sure A Lot've People Would Go Watch,It May Not Be A Blockbuster,But It'll Be Fun For Sure.
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United Kingdom
Huge Wrestling Fan,Love Anything To Do With Wrestling,Especially AJ Lee,Velvet Sky & Layla ! :)

Yes,I Like Pewdiepie:
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Yes,I LOVE Wrestling:
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